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Discussion in 'General' started by ineedhelp, May 18, 2003.

  1. hello everyone,

    i need some help, i got put on probation and cant smoke anymore:( and was wondering how long its gonna take before i get the THC out of my system, its unfortunately been 37 days clean and i am still testing positive, how long is it going to take before this leaves my system?? i was a very heavy user, and the probation officer keeps telling me that it should be out of my system by now, someone please help me before i get locked up.

    Thank you all so much, hopefully ill be back someday to enjoy our friend maryjane
  2. Usually it's 3-30 but I've heard that it can actually be up to 90 days in rare occasions. Excercise a lot. Drink 8 8oz glasses of water a day. Keep that metabolism up and it will be out of your system faster.
  3. thanx alot appreciate the response
  4. hey dude, i responded in your other thread.. but can i ask why your on probie? i recently got a DWI so i will be on probation too pretty soon :(
  5. i got caught with 19 grams of chronic, and some valium, the valium were 100 times worse than the pot, the pills were felonies, the chronic misdermeanor
  6. i think you can get detox drinks that help to get it out your system.......not sure where though.....Peace out........Sid
  7. im finally clean after 52 days, but they still violated my probation, so im waiting on a court date on the violation, most likely gonna have 18 months probation:(
    i appreciated the response from everyone

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