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Im on papers and havent blazed for a month now...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FowTwenty, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. And I've notice that when I go out to public somewhere I get this sorta dizzy kinda feeling, feels like im having a buzz or something. Could this be because of a long break from not smoking marijuana or am I fucked up in my head with no brain cells or what??? Could it just be me acting high even though I don't feel like im doing it intentionally? I find it kinda hard to make eye contact in public because I really feel like im high or something, not that it bothers me but I just wanna know what this is or of it's normal? Anyone who hasnt smoke in a while have similar experiences? Please comment, rate, subscribe, discuss, anything appreciated.
  2. No. Go see a doctor.
  3. Anxiety maybe? Relax and drink some water and cut out any sodas and shit and see if it continues. If so, go to the doctor man.
  4. I'll try that thank you. And what if I told the doctor that I smoked marijuana before? would that be a problem?
  5. Doctor patient confedentiality, it's a crime for your doctor to tel anyone about anything you say to them. Feel better!
  6. Its wise to inform your doctor of your marijuana use and other other drugs so he can properly treat you. Doctor-Patient confidentiality will keep that between you and him. Just remember, its your body and you can do with it as you please.
  7. I have had this feeling before as well.

    Like another said, just drink water.
  8. Placebo, trust me.
  9. could it be Anxiety? something similar will sometimes happen to me in very public places.
    feeling hot? eyes watering or burning? you said hard to make eye contact I get that too.
  10. could it be under18anitis? nah im fuckin witchu. Go see a doctor, that doesnt sound normal. Anything you say to them cannot be mentioned to anyone else, unless its something about world domination
  11. I mean, to tell y'all the truth, I don't think is anything serious due to the fact that when i'm at home I feel perfectly fine and 100% sober. But is when I go to some public places that just gives me a weird feeling, it's almost as if I cant handle looking at so many things/colors/motion at the same time.

    What you mean?
  12. I have these too bro,I think when you take a T-break your body wants the chemical compound THC back and absorbs what you have left in you.......

    I dunno,But I know exactly what your talking about,I really don't know how to disscuss or expailn it either:confused:

    It's like you get these random head-highs (they usually occur when you bend down to pick something up and when you come back up you can feel it or when you move you head really fast) feels pretty darn wierd:)
  13. Anxiety its normal don't worry about it and whatever you do don't start researching anxiety it made mine worse not because I was scared but I knew what it was so I was able to think about it which in return made it worse. Blah that was a mouthful

  14. If OP is talking about the same thing I'm talkng about,It has to do with the bodies chemicals,Anxiety feels like paranoia,jittery,and small amount of anger (a tiny bit),But this is different it really feels like you get short burst high's and they go away after a couple seconds.

  15. I get these and never knew why. I do have anxiety though (undiagnosed, but who the fuck needs to go to a doctor to get diagnosed with anxiety) but didn't know that could cause that feeling. I never really complained, because hey it's sort of a free high lol.
  16. Yeah you pretty much describe what I feel too but how can I be breaking down thc or chemicals in my body if I've been drug tested for the past month and been clean. I don't think I have those chemicals in my body no more cause In my past drug tests i've been passing all...
  17. guys get the dizzy feeling because of low or high blood pressure.. try standing up real quick, its been known to do that too
  18. I've had that lately too, and I just started a T-break. I think it might be low blood sugar and/or dehydration. Sleep deprivation is another possibility. I don't think it necessarily has to do with cannabis, but who the hell knows. It could be a number of things, really.

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