I'm on a diet, but want to smoke weed this week.

Discussion in 'General' started by Anonymous91534, May 5, 2016.

  1. I've been dieting, exercising for about 1 1/2 months now and have lost 21 pounds. But and haven't smoke weed since the beginning of my diet. And I want to smoke one time this weekend. Will the munchies fuck up my diet? Or barely affect it!?
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  2. That really depends on you and you alone.

    Perhaps lay out some healthy snacks for the occasion?
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  3. Go for healthy and light calorie snacks. Carrots, celery, any sort of fruit. Hummus, etc.

    My favorite recently has been lightly fried potatoes and Brussels sprouts with black beans and pecans. Shits Soooo good and will fill ya right up.
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  4. Yeah man it all depends on you and your will power. If you really don't wanna fight the munchies get some healthy food instead of chips or wtv. I recommend hummus like the guy said before. Especially if it's homemade, shits amazing.

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  5. Like everyone else said, healthy snacks. But worst case scenario, I don't think one off day is a huge deal in the long run.
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  6. Even if you do pig out the next day it'll all be water weight. It won't affect anything honestly. I'm not saying to go ham and eat everything tho. Just eat homemade snacks and low calorie foods. I use to eat some chocolate rice cakes that were very low calories and filling.

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  7. I like to smoke and run don't feel hungry after but maybe just me. Also with any diet you really should have atleast one cheat day. Imo helps prevent bad food habits and gives you something to look forward too.

    Grants on the weight. P90x ;)
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  8. Sounds like you should get all stoned and make yourself a nice healthy meal. Cooking while high is the absolute best.
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  9. It just comes down to will power. I have to keep my weight consistent for competitions but still smoke frequently. Some grapes and a couple apples do the trick for me.
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  10. Portion healthy food out before you get high (don't be like me and eat a whole thing of hummus in one sitting), and if you feel the urge to keep snacking, go out and do something like walk, or draw or something.
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  11. Stay away from sugar and other artifical sweeteners if you want to lose weight. It's not all about calories

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  12. Fill up on water.

    I did a 5 day fast (only water), and my munchies would be insane into the fast when I would smoke or dab.

    Filling up on water seemed to help greatly.
    Wasn't fun though (the fast).
  13. Stoners are actually statistically skinnier than the average population, for some mysterious reason.
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  14. If possible, get weed that doesn't give you munchies. They exist and are usually strong sativa's. Durban Poison is my go-to for that.
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  15. Boosts your metabolism. Oh I just thought get fruit and juice. Or nuts of some kind. Steamed vegetables.

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  16. All good suggestions here. I also eat my meals before smoking - for me, it greatly curbs the munchies.
  17. Just have a nice satisfying healthy meal before you smoke? Eating before toking for me at least prevents me from getting the munchies. Just make sure you wait a bit before you do toke or if you take too big a hit and can't handle it, blam there goes your meal.

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  18. ...The fuck are you going to do? Eat 21lbs of food after you smoke?
    Everyday I see more and more posts that make me just want to pull my bottom lip over my head.

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