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I'm officially....steppin out

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sourpatchkids, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. You've read right GC, im steppin out of the GC game; to further more prioritize my life. It seems that i have a tail on me too, some of you may know what i mean. This is my official goodbye to GC, I loved doing late night post and didn't get the chance to get better aquanted with all of you. Also, anyone that is in Henrico County, Virginia; out word on the street is that a sting op is going on.
  2. Peace man, stay safe :wave:
  3. GL man! ..gotta look after what's important right.

    Stay safe!! ..we'll see you if you ever come back.
  4. Peace and good luck on your lifes journeys.
  5. Peace man, and you should try and get that tail amputated too :smoking:
  6. lmao!!!!
  7. Goodluck man.

    I pooped my pants.
  8. SHIT he stole what I was about to say
  9. I'm new to the community but peace man. Good luck with the rest of your life.:smoking:
  10. You'llllll beeee baaaaaccckkkkkk
  11. peace man...keep smokin/growin!
  12. I know what you mean...I used to go on GC a lot more and play COD4 but then I shifted my attention back to going out and meeting women, but im on a short break from school and my license is suspended as well as my secondary income source so as ricky ross says, HERE I AM!
  13. Hasta la
  14. later dude stay safe and plead the 5th
  15. Peace, and keep toking. we'll miss you.

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