Im off to Dam guys.

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  1. My favoirte coffee shop is the Green Place...I also like the Free Adam place...

    Any other recomendations? Excluding Smokeys and Grasshopper?

    Also is it worth buying Ice hash for 50euro?
  2. I thought the new laws had already taken place, that being, its illegal to purchase weed in amsterdam if your not a resident, i googled it and saw on a couple of news websites it hasn't taken place yet so your in luck lol Go wild, this might be your last chance
  3. Unless you buy the ice-o hash first; I wouldn't bother. By the time I got round to smoking it, it was on top of some other strains, and I was already stoned so I didn't take much notice of the difference in high.

    Barneys and Blue Dolphin are my recommendations.

    Have a blast :)
  4. Barney's Lounge is my favorite, I also think Route 99 is pretty chill and cheap.

    And I got some 50Euro (or something close to that, forgot exactly) hash from Resin and it was definitely worth it, I think it was their isolator but I can't remember...

  5. they would lose 80% of their tourist income...

  6. No worries. Until at least 2015 the cities can decide for themselves if they want to keep the shops open for tourists, and both the mayor and city council of amsterdam want to keep things as they are.
  7. Btw: gimme a hint if you wanna meet up and grab a spliff with two cool Norwegian guys. ;-)

    Link to my "looking for fellow smokers in amsterdam-post":
  8. out of the all the shops i visited the last two times i went to Amsterdam i gotta say i enjoyed the ambiance of the bluebird the most
  9. One day I'll go there..
  10. Coffeeshops to visit:

    420 Café
    The Dolphins
    Homegrown Fantasy
    Grey Area
    De Rokerij
    Mellow Yellow

    Those were my usual stops when i lived in holland.... Be wary of the RLD shops, some are good but some are sleasy

  11. Katsu, ten minute walk from Rijksmuseum-tiny place with fantastic pot.

    If you have an overnight flight and arrive early in the morning Prix de Ami is close to central station and opens really early in the morning...I think it was 8/8:30?
  12. ah fuck I'm so jealous..I keep telling myself I'm gonna go someday but I feel like it's never gonna happen
  13. There is this one shop that I know opened up at silly o'clock in the morning, can't remember the name, but its on one of the first roads that comes off Damrak from Centraalstation...

    The budtender was always really chill, the same one on each of the trips I went on, not a bad menu, but it just reminded me of those early morning cafés, but with the benefit of being able to toke up.

    You'd see businessmen popping in to pick up their early morning spliff. How civilised...
  14. Ill drop you a PM :)

  15. I know Picasso Opens up at like 8 or 7am and it's on the Haarlemmerstraat... they also had a free breakfast deal when I was there... check it out eh?
  16. But it "reduces crime"....

    Anyways, go read the news once in a while kid.

  17. Honestly i've been hearing all this 'Holland is going to criminalise Cannabis again' for the entire last decade. Almost everytime before I go i'll see like 10 articles about how coffeeshops aren't serving tourists, and everytime it's bollocks and whenever I ask someone in a coffeeshop they also would say, it's bollocks. It's not going to happen, at least in Amsterdam. The ban at the moment is only in Maastrict on the boarder, i'm pretty sure that the Dutch government basically told the individual cities to decide for themselves, Maastrict made it illegal for foreigners for traffic reasons and to stop Belgians and French from smuggling stuff home, and I think the Amsterdam council said they 100% weren't going to change anything until 2015 at least.

  18. A guy from my college is dutch, he goes home via ferry every chance he can to see his family, he said the law should be taking place from around March time but he said he'll buy me weed whenever i want it anyway haha

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