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im not worthy.....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Jan 18, 2002.

  1. the moment i heard my man utter ."that might no be so bad" on it.! it seems im in for quite a night, crosby,stills,nash,and young....---im going to be quite truthfull,...i wish he'd said this about the ozzfest a couple of months ago.... as csn and y are just a 'tad before my time, but im checking them out...i believe im in for one of the most unique shows ever,... and some of the best people watching. talk about mellow :)
  2. Enjoy the bright side.... you're away fromthe kids for a night. Now if only the husband would stay home to.....

  3. Heh!
  4. CSNY!
    We're going too, tickets aren't on sale yet~
    But we'll be there. They're a bit before my time too, but not my parents' and they listened to them like they listened to Simon and Garfunkel, and that's ALOT.

    Hope you have fun! :)
  5. C.S.N.Y.....

    Good music..........have fun

  6. You seem like the kinda girl that likes hanging around with a bunch of old stoner dudes!
    It oughta be good.

  7. thanx...:) your right i AM worthy........
    for the rest of ya :p
    the only oldies i hang out with are YOU!......
  8. *SIGH
    Et tu, Brute?........
  9. It's not the weed.

    I'm really this stupid!
  10. Just got our tickets for CSNY in San Jose. $40 each for nosebleed seats at the Arena, or now affectionately renamed as the Compaq Center.
    I don't care that we'll be watching ants below us, I am excited as all hell !!!
    They'll be here late April, I can't wait now :D
  11. lol.[​IMG]

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