I'm not trying to brag or anything

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  1. But many people I have helped with difficult situations, have said i should be a school counselor or a Psychiatrist.

    And from a part of me, I agree. I listen completely and try to understand the situations their going through and process situations that would relate, and from their offer advice.

    It seems i have a gift for offering the right advice at the right time. ( more or less, take it if you will)

    Not really any profession i would find attractive, but i seem to be good at it.

    Maybe pursue it?

    Maybe just do it for friends?

    I mean, I like helping people, and it'd be cool to get paid for helping people, but at the same time, it seems like i should do it for free, and just offer advice as it comes. Ya know?

    Maybe its cause I'm drunk. But I did just help a friend kind of figure shit out in here head. Even if she already knew it.

    I seem to have a main idea towards it though.

    But..... that's my secret. Or is it?

    Only time can tell...



    Yes, No?

    O well.

    We shall see.
  2. Yeah I like doing that shiz. Trying to figure people out and helping them with situations. If you want to then I say go for it! I try to put myself in people's shoes and look from their perspective even when I have little to know experience. A good percentage of times it seems to work. Either that or I am fucking crazy lol.
  3. If you can do what you love and afford to do it for free, that is great, but I feel there is nothing better than getting paid to do what you love. If you do that, you will never work a day in your life. Best of luck with your decision
  4. yeah get payed or do it for free. i went to a therapist once though and the bitch charged 300 for a hour
  5. dude that's sweet. give me some of your wisdom
  6. Give me a current situation that you are currently dealing with. One that you simply cannot figure out on your own.

    And I mean go into depth about the situation. Then I may be able to help you.
  7. Hey, if you were to become a real psychiatrist, you'd get goooood money. I've honestly felt the same way before. I feel that people often come to me, and I don't know if it's on purpose or not, but I always seem to offer some advice.

    You should totally do it. You're still helping people but if it's a reputable profession you could do well in...why not go try to do what you're good at and you know what you'll do well in.

    P.S. Let me take up your offer. I'll message you.
  8. Wilco. ( Will comply in military speak.)
  9. dont forget about ur own problems.......

    i can only help you if i am helping me.

    not to dump on ur thread.
    been a troubled child, my dad is a therapist, and hes crazy
    and always giving advice. but idk somtimes its good and sometimes its bad.

    i have had many thereapists not make any lead way
    then i was court orderd rehab and had the coolist therapist alive.

    im over therapy now, and
    support people doing there thing

    so keep on livin
  10. I process my own problems on my own and normally resolve them within a week or 2.

    No worries.
  11. Become an Agony Aunt for a local newspaper.

    Same thing, just without the need for any of those pesky qualifications.

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