Im Not Trying To Be Cocky But...

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  1. I remember when I was dating my previous girlfriend, we'd fuck like rabbits. One time, we decided to toke up and have some fun. To make a story short, we ended up going at it for like 2 hours during which she came several times. The day after she called me and told me her clit was twitching and at first I thought "Damn! I left her shit twitching" but this twitching didn't go away for almost two weeks. Obviously she went to the doctor, who didn't give her a concrete explanation/solution other than holding off on sex for a couple days. Eventually, it went away and we kept going at it till we broke up 3 months later for unrelated reasons. So my question, any fellow
    blades have similar experiences?

    Again I'm not trying to sound cocky, I just thought it was odd and I wanted to know if it was a freak accident or if anybody else has fine through this

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  2. Never seen the clit twitching haha.. but back in the day, more than a few times I would fuck a girl multiple times throughout the day and they always always wanted more
    I miss those days of fucking like 6 times in a matter of hours
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    Your cockiness has developed into a new breed of STD. You are now infected with DWADS. Douche With A Dick Syndrome.
    Really though, making a new thread about this seems like you're just after attention when, I'm sure, it could have been placed in one of many sexual threads within this sub-forum. Regardless, congrats.
  4. Maybe her clit was laughing at you? Like this :laughing:
  5. Lmao well I couldn't really find any that were related to this, (or I didn't bother to look) so I figured I'd make a new one just to get some opinions. Thanks lol

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    Had this contained enough information within it for someone who hasn't seen this thread to understand the comment, it would be sig worthy. Well done.
  7. Haha good one

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  8. You're begging for attention with a title like that. Don't worry though, I don't think you're cocky. I think you're some fat fuck with no sex life who has to come up with stories like this for attention.
  9. I apologize I'm really bad with coming up with titles and I'm still fairly new to the forums, cut me some slack man. However, I shit you not this story is true and while I do have a small beer belly I'm not fat lol so in the nicest way possible, fuck off lol

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  10. Idk i've left women unable to walk :laughing:
  11. OP good job.  Seems like you slammed her so hard the nerves on her crotch must have been pinched.
    Or she is turned on ever since the sex and is subconsciously thinking about it and she is getting off.
    I've heard women who get orgasms with out even doing anything get those clit spasms.
  12. This happened in a video I saw!
    Can't post the link but go to efukt dot com and search 'the vibrating pussy'.
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    It means you are good ;)

    I leave women unable to speak, walk or think with just my fingers :ey:
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    'Popped dat pussy she twitchin'
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    hmmm i have no stories about clit twitching but my ex and i used to fuck all the time. anywhere at any moment. she would usually come over to my place 4/7 days a week and we'd end up fucking. even if my parents were home. i'd keep the door closed slightly, we'd both be under the covers having unprotected sex as slowly as possible (my bed used to squeak because we fucked up the frame). so yeah, not being cocky but I HIT THAT PUSSY UP EVERY OPPORTUNITY NA MEAN
    she was a freak in bed, always deepthroating and gagging on my dick, wanted me to choke her hard, etc. sex was good but didn't outweigh the emotional issues that came with her

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