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  1. Why does every story on here that involves cops start, well I had an ounce of dank my bowl, bubbler, bong, ect on me all on me at the same time (while smoking a j or blunt). Don't get me wrong i LOVE to smoke out of my bong, but im not hauling it over to a friends house to smoke or to sit in the park and smoke.i can count on one hand the amount of time that i drove with my bowl.
    Or we are at the park after hour and the cops show up?!!?! What the crap do you think is going to happen, cops patrol, it their job. Hell most time they go to park to sleep or choke their chicken.
    am i really the smartest guy on grasscity??

  2. I just always carry what I need to smoke and have no evidence left, unless I have a piece, which then I'll have to carry. Cops sooner or later show up at parks....
  3. yeah i think people are pretty retarded myself
    a lot of people i know bring bowls or roll inside their car. it's a huge pet peeve of mine, I always get really anxious, especially when a cop rolls by. 
    I always have my shit pre-rolled and ready to go.
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    Then they're like, fucks cops!! They're fucking stupid!!

    I have a bowl and a bong and I carry my bowl when I'm going out and I'm smoking. And I carry enough with me for the amount that I'm gonna smoke that night.

    I keep all that shit in my bra unless I'm smoking and then it's me smoking in my car and it's not a long, drawn out thing. I smoke, all the evidence is pur back in my bra, and I'm out. Back in the bar or whatever.
  5. i always smoke in my car and before i used to smoke at this park on a bench we would take fat hits out of the bong, i cant even count the times of how many people have walked passed up while we were smoking.
  6. a buddy of mine drives with his bowl, but he always keeps a 44oz cup filled with coke when he does in case a cop pulls him over he just drops it in the cup and puts the top back on it. he has gotten pulled over twice with his bowl and it worked both times. one time they searched the car and did find it.
  7. How did they find it, maybe its cause I am not a cop, but i would never think to look in a cup filled with soda
  8. That's what I keep cautious and always double-check so I don't leave any revealing evidence that would fuck me over. Responsibility is key! 
  9. Common sense is nonexistent to the generation below us. Up until last week I was in a situation where I could walk a minute out my door and get bud. Now I've got to drive for it for the first time in over a year. I wouldn't do it if I could walk but you can't really walk down major 3 lane roads.  And my new guys is literally a three minute drive down it. The biggest I buy is a quarter. And I go straight home. I smoke in my car but only in my complex lot in the middle of the night or before sunrise when no one(but some neighbors who also smoke) will be around. And If I decide to drive somewhere after I smoke I let my car air out for a bit and make sure the roach isn't left in it. When I roll a blunt or joint I do it in my room so I don't have to worry about any stems or crumbs all over my whip. 
  10. sorry that was a typo, they did not find the bowl, lol he said they were looking everywhere.
  11. Thats a plus lol I was thinking I might try it but typically I just roll a joint
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    Yeah bongs/bowls are meant for home..I've never lugged mine around
    If you want to ride dirty just bring a pre-rolled joint or blunt
  13. That's not a bad idea haha.  I know a few people that could have helped in the past
  14. I do too! that way you can eat what ever there is if a cop gets behind you :ph34r:
  15. it is a good idea, he is the MacGyver type stoner. he comes up with some crazy stuff, but it works. 
  16. I only bring what I'm smoking and usually smoke js or a pipe.

    I'm hardly even paranoid anymore...what's the worst could happen?

    Paraphanellia, and I probably wouldn't have any bud by the time a cop got to my window.

  17. Ok, knocking on wood here, but I seriously ride with a grinder, bowl, weed (only enough for the day, or a work shift, whatever it may be), scale in the trunk. Smoke in my car every single day. While driving. Trick is driving normal, not fishbowling, and NOT PARKING. NEVER PARK AND SMOKE WEED. Not in a park, not on the side of the road, not in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Driveways (if it's your OWN, of course.) are one thing. If you're parked, so many people to report you, see you, cops to spot you and smoke pouring out of your car. Driving, you're passing people and most of the time they don't give a fuck. I've never got searched. Two times I got pulled over after smokin a blunt.. light up a cigarette and its all good. Don't talk back, don't give attitude, as hard as it may be.
  18. Yeah I learned all that the hard way when I was younger smart and up a little bit with age

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  19. "risking 25 with an L, but oh well"
    I've been caught four times by my mom honestly it sucks knowing at the root of it all that cannabis does no harm to anyone, and yet these people have put up some what of a reality or dream that this is  "MARIJUANA!" (reefer madness voice) it does get tiresome , but we just have to be aware that these people are around and here to bother us with their false reality...

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