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I'm not sure what this is

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BenzoMike, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I bought a gram of weed last night but he gave me 2 for some reason. first time i bought from the guy so maybe hes trying to make friends but im not sure what this is its really good shit tho. got me high as fuck i put these picture in another thread today but here it is any idea what it is? i know it came from amsterdam.
  2. how do you know it came from amsterdamn man
  3. cause my friend hooked me up with the dude cause he had just came back from amsterdam and he had some shit from there he was selling.
  4. any idea what it is tho?:confused:
  5. he lied to you
  6. You can never tell a strains genetics just by looking at a picture. Most info I can tell you is that it looks like some Decently grown outdoor
  7. well thats just like a tiny peice of it that broke off that i took a pic of im just to lazy to take another pic haha.
  8. We can't really tell the quality from that.
    I'd love to see more shots though.
  9. I dont think thats from amsterdam, in fact Im about 99% sure it isnt. looks like some regular outdoor bud, I doubt theyd smuggle that all the way over.
  10. Idk haha i get fucked up real easy i honestly dont know why.. i smoke alot so id think id have a high tolorence but if i smoke one nicely packed bowl im compleatly stoned witch isnt really a bad thing considering i can smoke alot less and get the same effect of smoking alot. does anyone know why i get so high easly? im kinda going off topic but id really like to know :confused:
  11. Maybe your tolerance really isn't that high in the first place considering maybe u don't smoke very potent weed? That is definately not from amsterdam no offense but whoever told you that was lieing to create clientel. That's nothing more than outdoor, and if ur buddy really went all the way to amsterdam and came back with only stuff like that then he was obviously not in amsterdam cause i don't think they even sell bud like that haha.
  12. Looks like regs to me. 95% sure it aint from amsterdam.
  13. That is Weed:eek:

    This thread seems pointless if you say you smoke a lot.

  14. Just out of curiosity, how can you tell its grown outdoor?
  15. if this were from amsterdam, it would not have a shitty outdoor trimjob like that, never been to amsterdam, but im sure they trim better than most out there
  16. i kno its some decent dank tho not sure if it came from amsterdam

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