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I'm not sure what I should be doing.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mercury71, Jan 30, 2002.

  1. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie on the block, just trying to figure out what a person needs to do to be able to buy. To be honest with you all, it is for a sick AIDS patient, however, I have enjoyed it in the past, and would again, but I really have no resources, and am clueless on how to begin, I have contacted a coffee house in Amsterdam, and supposedely they are sending me something, but I haven't recieved anything yet, and it just seems like everyone on here has access to it, I am not sure why it is such a problem for me. It definately wasn't when I was in highschool. HOwever, I am open for suggestions. I am not a cop or anything, so its cool, just wanted to say hello as well and if you can give me any ideas let me know thanks
  2. I am not at all sure of your situation. If you're in Amsterdam, I wouldn't think you'd have that much trouble.

    You're just going to have to find someone like a bar tender that you have seen before and ask. I don't know what language you guys use there. Here, it's as simple as saying "hey By chance, do you know where I might be able to buy some weed?" that's what we say in Oregon, before dispensaries, that is.
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  3. There’s 5 specific words in there you might want to edit out mate.
    I don’t trust you because they’re there lol.
  4. These days, just head on down to the store.
  5. If it's for an aids patient, can't they goto their doctor? If in an illegal state you'll have to do like the rest of us. Be a weed outlaw

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  6. Pretty much this.
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  7. Why did we revive a nearly 20 year old thread? LOL. Cause we high.
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  8. I laughed way too hard.:smoking:I hope the OP sealed the deal.
  9. This thread belongs in a museum, but kind of interesting to read back how difficult it was to get stuff in the early 2000's compared to today. Had a hard time understanding the big issue with so many options out there, then I saw the post age :GettingStoned:

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