im not sure if its a problem or not

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  1. Man I've been posting a lot on here with problems thank god u guys are here helping out lol I'm not sure if its an issue its my first grow but my leaves on one of my plants are folding up like a taco on me it just doesn't look normal to me any advice? Ill put pics up later I'm at work right now but if u guys know anything plz state ur opinions thx
  2. just noticed the exact same problem with mine. was just comin to seach for an old post about it. i know i saw one last week. hopefully someone can answer this for the two of us. good luck bro
  3. is it the whole leaf folding or is it the edges of the leaves curling up? if its the edges curling up it mite be that the lights to cxlose and its geting hot. a sign of heat stress.
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    idk bout his but with mine its the whole leaf. u can check my grow log at the bottom.i have pics up from yesterday. i didnt notice it then but i dont have my camera to post a pic now. if u look at the last picture u can see it starting on the center finger on the bottom leaf
  5. Its the whole leaf its foldin in on itself only on one plant I'm using a 125w cfl there in ffof soil and ya I'm with him hopefully u guys do have an answer for us I don't like when my girls aren't doing spectacular lol

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