Im not sure if i got high

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  1. I tried smoking weed for the first time a few nights ago. Ive been smoking hash, but it only made me fall a sleep.

    So i smoked about 70% of a joint and my throat felt really wierd. I felt like i was about to throw up, but i never did. I went on the couch and started watching a movie, but i felt like i was falling sometimes and my body parts spazzed. like i had tics or something. I also could choose where in my head i felt a pressure / magnetic feeling. This lasted for like 1 hour and 30 min.

    Since i dont know what to expect i didnt feel usual, but it was a good feeling.

    it also felt like i had a windmill in my head for like 40 min. Do you think i was high? i want to try a bong since, ive heard its stronger.
  2. Yeah you were definitely high lmao. Try a bong, you'll get pretty damn stoned.
  3. LOL..sounds like you might have to take small steps first before hitting that bong. There are many factors which can affect just how high one can get, but based on time frame, it sounds about right. You were high, smoked too much and just couldn't handle the ganja. 70% of a blunt seems like too much for you so just take small steps next time.
  4. Ah thanks bro. Like i was pretty sure i was, but it was my frist time. im trying the bong 2nite <3
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  5. Yes, based on the description you provided, it's safe to say you were under the influence of marijuana. I don't think u were baked but if u were keen to puke then you were def high. Noticeable muscle spasms are a good sign as well.

    Go easy on the bong, take 1-2 big hits and relax/chill. Don't overdo it. I've had a friend take 6 consecutive bong hits in a row and he ended up passing out (missed the whole high)...
  6. thanks for the tip <3
  7. I want to feel a windmill in my head! :)
  8. it was fun as hell
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  9. When you get high, you'll know it.

  10. Getting high is like having a graphing calculator on that math test you forgot about. Weed.
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  11. lmao.

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