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Im not sure, but I think I might've gotten stiffed on this marijuana

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeanjet, May 29, 2009.

  1. I actually just bought some weed, I had 40 bucks and I told this dude I wanted dro, and he said he had the stuff, so I went to leave, he called back and was like, you want me to bag nickle sacks for ya? im like what dude i cant hear you, well i ended up agreeing not knowing wtf he was talking about since I figured I was getting dro. I ended up meeting the guy, he sold me 14 grams, and i think he said it was outdoor shit. Well now that i got the sack with me, I goto smell it and theres virtually no smell at all on it, well, there is alittle scent actually, kind of smells piney to me. Its all shack but one bud, and even the bud doesnt smell like anything. Is this mid grade or some really shitty weed?
    Just another note, the shake part is really fine and I can tell he didnt use a grinder or broke it up, and its sort of dark green(when broken up it appears sort of darker green) with brown hairs in the mix.

    if anyone could give me some advice would be great.
    hope you understand, alittle frusterated x.x
  2. There being no smell is strange, but visually it sounds like some dank.
  3. So you got a Half-O for 40 bucks? thats really good,
    and I think its atleast mids if it has a smell too it,

    The regs I got before didnt smell at all.

    Even if you didnt get what you asked for, if its good weed, smoke it :D
  4. Sounds like compressed mids...Also I call BS...14 grams??? He sold you a half ounce for $40? I don't believe that unless its Mexi schwag...if it is I feel bad for you.
  5. 40 bucks for 14 grams? :confused:
  6. mayhaps you should smoke some? let us know how that goes
  7. Um no dank would smell like a wet skunk's ass hole. That shit sounds like dirt weed.
  8. Damn dude, Michigan is full of compressed mids! I go to school up there and that stuff is cheap as hell, but it does do the trick if you smoke enough of it.
  9. I dont think its dro, but some regs, because regs go for 90 bucks for the full zip. so...

    I dont think its some kind of dro.+
  10. Acutally a half ounce sells for 35 bucks, he told me paid 35 for it, so he made 5 bucks i suppose
    I dont know its just weird its just smells like nothing, and i have a good nose lol
    another thing, he weighed out bags and i think some of them are like .8 grams and shit lmao he told me to sell each for 5 bucks and il make 75 off it

    well I just hope its some good shit, if i keep trying it il end up smoking it all, this should lay my mind to rest even though I think it might be shit weird but w/e Any more input will be good. And its not dank, no way, I know my dro, just not my shwag.
  11. I smoked some, Im sort of high about to watch some porntube or something rawr
  12. you said he put it in nickel bags? did you mean 14 nickel bags and you just think they weigh a gram each? cause its prolly more like a quarter if theyre nickel bags and he gave you 14.

    Edit: nvm i didnt read the post where you said he weighed them
  13. Yeah dude reg hardly ever smells. I get a half oz of reg for 45 bucks. It gets the job done, and its good for joints. I buy dank for my bong and pipes.
  14. 14 grams for 40 bucks, it better not be dank, I'll be pissed.

    No really it's probably not the best weed but I've bought a half o of weed I was happy to smoke for 50. Smoke it. If it gets you high, you win!

    EDIT: Btw start learning how to roll sick blunts and joints, perfect opportunity.

  15. Yeah, he put about 12 grams in bagies and left out a bud and told me to put that in a baggy, i used a scale to weigh it up, its 13.8 lol

    And yeah dude i would shit bricks if i could get a half ounce of dank for fourty bucks man haha

    Id be one rich motha fucka, thats all id know.
  16. Yeah im on that man, I rolled a fat joint not to long ago, pretty good, was smokable and tight. I just brain fucked myself while smoking it because i didnt want to take a drag, drag drag then suck it in if it wasnt weed ;\
  17. But yeah just to clarify with you guys, you think its regular weed, not midgrade or anything?
  18. Am i the first to reccomend you post pictas
  19. ^^ yea post some pics
  20. lol sorry no can do, im still living in the 90s

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