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I'm not paranoid they're really after me and they tried to steal my brain!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TooSicKs, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Seriously.

    Okay, have any of you ever seen them? They're just like people except they don't have features like eyes, nose, mouth, they're just blank skin, and they're not even real skin at that.

    The first time I saw one i was with my friend Rob. We were about 15 and were slowly riding our bikes around the block just talkin and chillin' like we always do. On the backside of the block from my friend's house we were chillin down the sidewalk and saw this lady walking towards us. She had a bathrobe on and i thought she looked out of place. She had this white, actually clear looking, fine wispy hair, not old lady hair, but fine, white translucent hair. We rode right by her, i was 2 feet from her, looked up at her face, or where her face should be, and there was nothing, just looked like blank flesh, but had a "diatortion" to it, fuzzy and not well defined, like you can see through layers into her head. It was like looking into energy manifested. I kept riding ands acting normal, passed her by, but inside i was fuckin trippin! She passed and my friend rob looked at me with a look of absolute fear on his face (and this from a dude who wasn't ever scared of shit) and he looked at me, saw that i was lookin pretty freaked out, and said "holy shit you saw it too didn't ya!" Right then we pedaled as fast as we could rode around the block, and back to where she was walking. she was still there. We both rode right by her, looking at her, noticing details, we noticed her feet were not moving, like she was floating, and we tried to look at her face again, and again all i saw was something indescribable, like looking into a dark sun, like staring into a void of nothing, just blank, trnaslucent, and made of some form of pure energy. We turned around, rode by her a few more times, and then all of a sudden she disappeared, we rode by her, 1 second later turned out heads and she was gone, no trace at all.

    At the time that was pretty scary shit, something about looking into her face and it not being human really sketched us both out. We talked about it all night till the sun came up and still couldn't come up with a reason for what we saw. Little did i know then that was a "friendly" encounter, and that these things have a darkside. What happened next is the only thing in my life i can ever truthfully say instilled a fear like i never knew was possible. I'm a pretty ruff and tuff dude and not much scares me, death including, as i have already by this time become familair with the feelign of knowing death is imminent, somehow i escaped death and lived to know the feeling of the potential last seconds of life. That's not scary. What happened one night in December of 1997 was worse than death, and for as long as i live i hope i never experience this again. I hope I die before "they" come back.

    I was sleeping, and i can remeber my dream like it's happening right now. I was on an island, at a marina, there was boats tied to a floating dock, and i was walking around looking at 'em. It was in a time in the future,, and i relaized where i was. I was in Phoenix, AZ, in the desert, at a marina. The marina was on the top of South Mountain, and i can see the reat of the mountains in the distance as islands. Sea level must have rose and flooded the desert. I saw a boat tied up that intrigued me for some reason, walking around the boat, my suspicions of the waterworld prophecy were confirmed. On the stern of this boat was the name "Quasar" and had port of call listed as "Phoenix, AZ".

    The boat for some reason drew my undivided attention, i noticed it was all open, not locked, and i boarded the boat. Soemthing led me down the gangway into the cabin, and inside the boat up to the bow area. I stooed facing the front of the boat directly over the front hatch, which was open, and stood there and waited, it felt like i was being controlled.

    What happens next still gives me chills and i'm trippin out right now just thinking about it.

    I was standing there, controlled somehow, waiting, and thenm it came, Two hands grabbed the sides of my head and began to squeeze and i felt a presence behind me. Two more hands grabbed my forehead and jaw and tried to rip my jaw open. I woke up

    They are still here!!!!! What the fuck is this!?!?!?!!?

    I sat up and there were two of these "energy beings" right there in the room with me. They had hands on my head still, and i felt pain. One was squeezing my head and looking at me facefirst, the other had me from behind and with a hand across my forehead was still trying to tear my jaw open. I felt my jaw beign stretched. I kicked the one in front of me and it let go, hit the floor, and backed off, the next one had a thumb inside my mouth, i bit down and felt flesh and bone crunching, i bit the thumb off, felt it in my mouth, spit it out, and the thing seemed to recoil in pain. I stood up and put my back against the wall so they couldn't come from behind and attack, and got ready to fight. They went away in a way i can't describe, and seemed to just melt into vapor and float away. I stayed up till the sun came up, back against the wall. I waited till everyone in the house woke up, and as everyone esle got up i demanded that they let me inspect their hands. I was looking for someone missing a thumb.

    I've seen the energy beings since then but they haven't attacked me physically again, although i think they at one time were trying to psychologically hack my brain.

    What they were doing though, i could only describe as trying to suck my brian, not only my brain, but my mind, my life force, they tried to steal my existence.

    Now i would have written this off as a dream, or sleep paralysis, except for the fact that i was awake, unparalyzed, and i fought off two beings trying to harm mr that subsequently vaporized.

    There's so much i can't convey with mere words about this experience because it was the most intense experience i've ever had. I still consider the possiblity that i was the victim of a botched alien abduction, or some kind of abduction be it by aliens, demons, transdimensional beings, or some kind of teleprojected entity. Regardless of what it may be called, it happened. Religious people i have told this to said it was a demonic possession that i stopped, suposed alien abductees say that's what happened to them, and after another incident in 2001 when i awoke paralyzed and they were in the room, across the room, thought conversing, and i can tell it was about me, i did some research online. What i found didn't really comfort me any. For the length of time that humans have been recording such things these beings have been written about. In ancient times there were reports of the same thing happening, globally, throughout the world and throughout recorded history. The phenomenon is associted with sleep paralysis, which is basically a condition where the affected person awakes, but the brain glitches and does not cause the neurochemical changes that allow the body to wake up. I've had this a few times and it is at all nothing like being attacked by them.

    Recently science has classified two types of sleep paralysis, the first is common, and is the traditional sleep paralysis, where the person wakes up but can't move, and has trouble interpreting sensory input. The second type, a rare type of experience is classified as a type of extreme sleep paralysis and due to a lack of a better scientific explanation, is called a type of sleep paralysis, and includes visits by humanoid forms intent on causing harm. The unique thing about my experience with the attack htough, is that i was awake, conscious, and had full motor function. during the course of the attack i positioned myself standing against a wall and i stayed there for about 3 hours till the sun came up, the whole while watching for their return. I was not paralyzed. I was not sleeping, i was wide awake and alert when i fought off a violent attack.

    I haven't seen them since 2001 and i hope i never do again. Like i said, i'd rather die than experience such a metaphysically violent experience again. If i was religious i'd call these demons. I've just never felt like i've been in the presence of a stronger violence, even when i saw my friend get shot in the face with a 12gage, that was tame in comparison to the malevolence the attacking things projected.

    After my latest sighting i tried to draw a composite of them using paintshop, here it is from my last experience, this is the one standing in the doorway.

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  2. I've never experienced anything like that, but if I did I'd be scared shitless. Damn, I just looked over my shoulder because it felt like someone was behind me. Thanks for making me paranoid, I'm gonna be making sure everyone has faces from now on.
  3. that is scary as hell dude i am glad i am not high or i would be paranoid as hell. did you keep the thumb as evidence man i dont even want to think about this anymore i am freaking out
  4. I couldn't find the thumb, i think it dematerailized or got beamed back up with the rest of the things.

    Yeah, the next night i had a tough decision of whether i ever wanted to sleep again, but i got tired and passed out watching TV.
  5. um.....ok.....i think u got issues! ...... J/K!?!?

  6. same feeling here!, not just feeling some1 there but like im being grabbed man what a nite to not have anything i'll be awake all nite now!!!! p.s. had yo sign up just to say bout this thing lol
  7. dammit dude, i'm scared shitless just sitting here now... dont read that shit while high... lmao

    now i wont be able to sleep
  8. totally man sell this shit to a movie producer its scary as fuck :p not calling you a liar or anything but itd make a great horror movie
  9. Looks like you drew that thing man.
  10. All I can say is "what are you smokin dude"?
    Damn... I want some of THAT....
  11. shit, man,.. the scary thing is the more we think we know the less we understand.

  12. Yeah higha, exactly, every increase in knowledge only begs more questions.
  13. i think you made me paranoid toosicks.
    im paranoid and i havnt even had a toke for longer than it takes for it to leave my system!
  14. You think you're paranoid? Put yourself in my shoes after the attack. The attack was the only time in my life i can truly say i felt genuine fear, i would have rather died than have what happened happen.
  15. aaaargh, you got me staring out the window every 3 seconds now to see if they are coming for me because i know of them.

    the government is in line with these things i reckon, or i read to much consiracy shit

    argh i am still looking out the window
  16. jesus dude you got me so fuckin paranoid now i feel like one of them are behind me now but it feels its like 8 feet tall and really skinny like those tall lanky alien thing but only human looking:(
  17. LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. nope, before this happened i never toked, drank, nothin. I did actually trip on liquid opium when i was like 13 bc i had some perscrition flu stuff from the doc and i didn't shake it up and accidentally took a bunch of settled out opium.


  19. I believe you, I'm not sure why, because it does sound pretty far fetched but I truly believe you.

    I too will be checking faces now.

    The question is, why are they after you? What did you in particular do, other than see one of them before, and that one was in a calm state.

    And i'm also really sorry about your friend. That must have been horrible, and hard to get the mental image out of your mind.

    I wish we knew if there was a name for them that way we could research them. Oh and I have had type one sleep paralysis before, and possibly type two, because I saw a white being, floating off the floor, but I chalked it up to a ghost (I lived in a 200-something year old farmhouse at that time)

    Do they have any anatomical markings or anything that you could recognize their sex?

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