Im not making this up..

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  1. This guy I know said he wants to be a serial killer, and his title would be "The Cotton Ball Killer" and his gag would be shoving cotton balls down girl's throats, slitting them to retrieve the cotton balls and then repeat the process... Should I seek help for him? o_O
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    alright let's see some ID boy
  3. Sounds like a call for help to me. Or you could beat his shit in so maybe he'll learn better

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  4. LOL, OP you realize you'd be victim #1 rite..
    Girls are tough, they can give birth. Lets just hope he tries it with a girl who is a black belt and she rips his little testicles off.
    First..Serial Killers don't get to choose their name. The FBI profiler or police usually do that.
    Secondly...Cotton balls? That's it? He sounds like a pussy.....I would name him the "Soft little white balls killer".
    Third...It's you! Isn't it OP?
  7. Well apparently there is something called the cotren ball diet, where people eat up to 5 or 6 cotten balls that have been soaked in soda or w/e so yea............

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    that or the newspaper/media...

    i liked on season 2 of Dexter when they gave him his serial killer name (Bay Harbor Butcher) and he hated it
  9. If it was me I would at least torture them for a few days before killing them
     I have to admit...I have never watched Dexter. Is it worth getting into it? It's on Netflix I think
  11. The guy in question was born extremely premature at one pound, blind in one eye, obsesses over girls he could never get, yada yada.
    Gonna spend a shit ton of money on Lotion....that'll cut into your weed money.
    This your boy OP?
  14. yeah i really liked it, seasons 1, 2 and 4 are absolutely phenomenal and rank up there with breaking bad and the wire in terms of brilliant and entertaining tv
  15. What a hassle just for the nickname "cotton ball killer". Seems like a lot of work, 2/10.
  16. I'm gonna have to check it out then. Breaking Bad was the best show ever IMO...
  17. Got some BTK shit goin on in this thread
    Ok so now whos the serial killer? You and your friend sound like people i wouldnt chill with no offense killa
  19. I wasn't being serious there. If I was I'd have no right to make a thread about someone else's dark fantasies
  20. Okay
    so you made up the story to expect me to believe you..... no i really don't believe you

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