I'm not happy with my yield. causes, normality, genetics?

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    So I veged some golden berry under a 400w mh scrog net, i flipped a bit early but they were over a month old easily.

    Then they were put in a flower room of 1000w hps. I got 450gr wet. After hang drying 12 hrs and trimmed.

    Do you think my poor vegging ability and timing is the main cause? Considering its a 1000w.?

    this ones as long as a lighter. But hard as rock. Nothing much bigger
  2. dam that looks sexy to me. I wish I had something close to that. seems like my buds wont fatten up at all
  3. The size of your yield and density of your buds depends on two things: How large your plant was before it went into flower (and how healthy). Most importantly, how much light your plants get in flower. We flowered with two 1000 watt hps for awhile. We eventually added two more for a total of 4 in our flower room (approximately 8' x 10'). When we added the extra lighting, the buds doubled and tripled in size and density. You have to allow your plants time to veg...especially when starting one from seed. We use clones for the most part and once I take them and get them rooted, about 7-9 days most of the time, they go into Solo cups. Confining the root space on a small plant lessens the amount of space they must root into and gets the plant back to growing foliage faster than if it were growing in a huge container. Once the plant is as wide and tall as the cup it's in, they go into 1 gallon pots. Fresh soil with the repot eliminates the need for adding nutes yet. They stay in these until they are wider and taller than the 1 gallon pot and then get potted up to the next size...fresh soil, no nutes needed. Because of the way we do it, I can have a 3 to 4' tall plant in about 8 weeks from clone...and I like to veg ours for at least two months once put in 1 gallon pots. Doing it this way and giving them plenty of time in the flower period typically gives me 3 to 4 oz per plant once the cure is complete. Some strains yield better than others, but if you veg them long enough and give them enough light during flower, your harvest will be good. I think you definitely went into flower too early with that plant. TWW
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  4. It definitely was the smallest root ball yet for my dwc life. The only thing is usually i use voodoo juice for roots. Hmm.. Will pot properly and veg longer this time.
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  5. Temps, and lack of fresh air intake will gîve you airy and small buds. Temps being essential IMO.

    You also need big pots, and a minimum of 300w per plant, if you have 5 or 6 plants under a 1000w expect these results , even if you have a good sq ft coverage. I only grow 1 plant at a time In a 25lt auto pot under 400w , veg till 6 inches under cfl them two weeks under mh 400w in a 1m x1 m tent , I pull between 6-7 oz dry weight, if I vegd for 4 weeks I could prob top 9 oz
  6. This is my current one in the pic

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  7. 24 degrees day/ 16 night. 22% humidity. My shits on point. It's my vegging and timing i think. And pot size like you said. Nice yields btw, happy growing :smoking-bong:
  8. You can give your plants all the light and the best nutrients in the world, it won't make a difference if your roots don't have enough room.

    Beautiful buds man, they'll definitely fatten up with bigger pots to grow in.

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  9. I second this statement. Without fresh air, the plants are not taking up enough CO2 to properly form buds. Either have alot of good airflow or a sealed grow environment that you can pump CO2 into directly, like a tent. Temps in the room can also be different than temps directly under the light, so take that into consideration as well. An air cooled hood or 14" from canopy will help prevent this and get optimal light footprint from 1000w light. If your room gets too hot with little air flow then you will have under developed buds. Basically as long as you keep those two things under control and use some basic training techniques that are covered in this forum such as LST or scrogging then you can easily pull 2 lbs from a single light, more if you know what you're doing and also like to add bennies to your res. Making a beneficial bacteria tea like your voodoo juice, there's tons of resources online that show you how to make your own.
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  10. .5 grams per watt is about right for when you start out especially considering how much empty net you have there on the current grow fill the net get every square filled then flip to flower if you fill like it takes too long put another plant in there sometimes I will go two or three ladies in my screen just to ensure I can veg for six weeks or less and have that screen 100% full empty space in your screen produces ZERO BUD!

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