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  1. Are thoughts easier to manage with language?

    I'm trying to figure this out...

    Like without language, and different words for objects, idea's and emotions, would the brain be able to process and learn things at the same pace as it can because it's all organized with words?

    And like...what the hell would thoughts be like without words? How could one create complex thoughts and ideas without the backbone that is language?

    Yeah I'm on shrooms, thanks for asking.

    I don't think I'll be smoking weed again for a long time, it makes perfect sense to me now that the only thing it's doing is fucking up my life. It has taken such a control over my life that it has now immobalized me to the point where I cannot move forward in any aspect of my life because of my addiction. All it is now is a temporary release, back into a world where I'm all-knowing and in control.

    It's discusting now that I think about it, really fucking gross.

    Fuck, I wish I could just say something to put everyone reading this into my headspace for a second. I can't just go out and say this because there's no point...but I will anyway because there's nothing else I can do. I just have to say be careful, weed addiction is real, and if you don't think it can happen to you than you're most vunorable to it.

    The thing is...people compare it to the addiction of harder drugs like coke and heroin or whatever. Well thats why so many people fail to see this, weed addiction isn't like that...nothing like it at all. Thats how it gets ya, because your looking for a completely different addiction.

    And this just goes beond physical and mental addiction. Thats not the difference I'm talking about. See, weed kinda just slips into your life. It kinda just sneaks right in there. Well thats the way it was for me at least. And with heroin and shit it's that you HAVE to do it. With weed, there's nothing forcing you to do it, but the thing about it is is that it makes life SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier.

    Like look at your life without weed. It would be a lot fuckin harder eh? Well for me at least. And I'm not talking harder as in like this big weight you have to carry around for the rest of your life, but I mean...it just wouldn't be as easy right?

    Like, thats the addiction right there. It's not like the "I NEED MY FIX!" type shit as with heroin, but the love of that comfort and releif it puts on life is enought to make weed pretty fucking addicting as well.

    For you maybe it isn't the comfort, or like the ease it puts on life...that could just be me. But I have to make a statement which may offend some people but I just feel I need to say it.

    If you blaze more than once a day I can confidently say your suffering from at least some addiction to weed. Now I know now that I said that everyone's gonna get all offended and think I'm calling them junkies or something...but please, thats not my intent. I'm just saying, the addiction from this drug isn't the type of addiction you'd be looking for.

    I'm sure it's not nearly as severe as other addictions, but it is enough to really control your life.

    I'm just saying...whats the reason for blazing so often? I'm sure a lot of people can provide some good answers to that question, but I bet a lot of them are going to point directly to that addiction.

    I'm 'gonna wrap this up now just because, but I'm sorry if I offended anyone or anything. I may have accidentally said something really ignorant here I'm just sure...I try not to be an ignorant person but this is just making quite a bit of sense to me right now. Maybe in the morning when I'm sober I'll see it differently...but I pray I don't.

    Have a good night all...much love.
  2. Didn't read all of it sorry but if thought of it sober.
  3. I don't think anyone (in there right mind anyway) would argue pot isn't addictive. Of course it is addicting! Everything if misused can become addicting! You think there is reason America is the fattest country in the world? Because the USA has more fast food chains than anywhere else on earth. As a society you are addicted to fast food (sorry to use sucha topic, it was the first thing that came to my mind).

    I'm not going to lie, I do depend on weed but I know in my heart if I had to quit today for some serious reason I could do it and that is all the re-assurance I need...
  4. you have to do what goes well for you, weed actually opened my eyes that i have control. if weed was an addiction to you, doesnt mean others follow the exact patterns that you did.

    yes, you can mentally become dependent on the subsistance. but there are alcoholics, sex addicts, i mean there are people that like to jump off cliffs for fun for adrenalin. we are all can become addicted to something.

    if weed helped, then why stop? if you feel it was controlling you and not the other way around. then take a break and reclaim your will.

    this kind of post wont offend me, because everyone runs thier life differently. its up to the person, not a goverement, or peer, or superior. you know? no body can see your thoughts...be your own judge.

    just keep in mind, not everyone thinks in the same line of thoughts. thats why we have so many different views and cliches in the world. one may have ultimate control over themselves, while another might try to sync themselves with every person they meet and loose their individuality.

    happy travels and good luck,

  5. well damn you switched the tone of the thread quickly.
    i have nothing to say about the addicting stuff because i half heartedly agree and thats it.
    back to the thoughts... thats exactly what i was thinking! really, ive always wondered how you could think without language, what would go on in your head?

  6. without language, we wouldnt know what to call ourselves. and never become aware of our existance. and without language, we wouldnt be-able to share ideas, and improve our race. we would be animals.

    edit: that just my view, im sure someone could argue it.

    edit#2(becuase i dont want to post a new one): i think we would think in emotions and pictures. emotions dont have to have a name, why does a baby cry? or an animal fight for a mate?

  7. no no, nobody is going to argue about that, thats true. the point is.... how could we process thoughts without thinking words in our heads? maybe with pictures.. or ... who knows? if only we could talk to a baby and ask what the thought process is, but that would be pointless because a talking baby is obviously no help. you may get rich finding one, but no enlightenment.
  8. If my mom asked me to quit I would, butshe jokes around with me using drugs although she doesnt like it if she asked me seriously I would..

  9. Thats what I always say, I'm going to take a break. But why? Weed has helped me A LOT. It's changed me into the person I am today, and I'm really thankful for that, but I just don't think it can help me further right now. Mushrooms are an amazing drug, absolutely amazing. I always ask myself "Is it okay that I'm smoking weed?" and I could never see it like mushrooms showed me, and now it just seems so clear.

    So happy blazing all! I'll probably still chill around here and stuff cause you're all (well most) really cool people. And I still like weed and the drug culture, I just know that now isn't the time in my life where I should be participating.

    Edit - Sorry this thread kinda has 2 subjects.
  10. Marijuana indeed is addictive. Which is why all tokers need to find their balance between use and abuse. I went from thinking about bud 24/7 and smoking every hour on average to now being completely cool if i dont have bud and blazing it about once a day, or really just when i feel like it.
  11. Moderation is the key....You can be addicted to anything..I knew a woman who jumped off a bridge because she was so in debt because of a gambling addiction....I smoke weed to have fun...I don't allow it or anything to control my life....If you can't do that then by all means...quit
  12. Sounds like a typical shroom trip, you'll be back... you'll be back.
  13. I was watching this show on the science channel called "Brain Man" and the guy on there learn the entired ice landic language in one week and went on national television to talk with the hosts and he did it!

    He also said that when he does math he does not view the numbers in his head but a symbol his mind recognises.

    for example : they told him 874 and he made a unequal star shape out of clay and then did more numbers. The next day they told him the same number 874 and he made a equal shaped clay figure agian.

    so it shows you how the brain can work without languange and that languange is slowing this guy's brain down to the point where he uses a diffrent code of thinking. :smoking:
  14. ^Hahahaha, I was thinking the SAME exact thing. I was starting to get really interested in the language theory, then I find myself reading about marijuana addiction.

    Awesome, he was tripping his life out.
  15. The brain doesn't need a spoken language to have thoughts. When a baby is born, then know no language. They don't speak english, french, german, chinese. They learn language as they grow up, and it is usually based on what they hear.

    A english baby will learn to call his mother mom, while a french baby will learn to call his mother mere.

    However, the baby has the ability to put the words and the objects together, and make a logical sense from it. Likewise they don't need a word to call it. A baby will reconize their mother, even when they don't have the ability to speak.

    Some birds take the first thing they see when they are born and think of that as their mother.

    So language allows thoughts to be communicated between people easier, however a single person needs no language to think, the brain has its own language.
  16. haha i agree
  17. the thoughts of how we would function without words could only truly be understood if that is how we were raised. you would just instinctively know by your environment by the lack of a structured verbal communication. you would use imagery as the ancient indians to project your thoughts most likely...aka draw in the sand with a stick , hand gestures, acting...there are things of non verbal communication that directly relate to imagery that you would most likely use.
  18. polytopicality is one of the best features of any really "wow" type of thread.
  19. Yeah Im addicted to weed so what even dropped my drinking and cigarette addiction just to fully enjoy the hippy experience. I like to be in total control so growing weed it is maybe if I can control this certain part of my life everything else will fall in place.
  20. nice shroom rant

    you probably won't feel the same way when you're sober

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