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  1. I have several plants that seem to be flourising at the present time,earlier this year I had a PH problem big time (local water 8.30) since that time I made adjustments and drop the water to 6.0-6.3 and all has been well. I have a nice secluded area of the yard and im using mex guano and indo guano mix as topping and it seems to be doing well...untill now.
    I have 3 large 2 of which seem to be showing some kind of something.Thier feeding reg includes super thrive (about 2 times a month, and blackstrap about 1 a week (alternating).
    The problem is with the 2 largest, they seem to be loosing leaves from the bottom to the mid section-even though the tops look great.
    I thought it might be root bound,they are in 5 gal containers and stand about 3 feet out of the top, I also thought it might be lighting,where they are at the light has shifted and direct sunlight starts at around 9 ish till 4 ish and it seems to be more of the direct down type lighting not a lot of side light (like you get when the sun comes up and goes down)
    The others seem to be doing well,beautiful to put it nicely,please look at the pics. I have probably 3 months left of grow before they are ready,if I need to drop them in the ground now would be the time,if I need to move to a better location -that as well.TIA

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  2. I think they are missing nitrogen.
  3. Are there holes in the bottom of those buckets? Could you be overwatering? Why all the guano?
  4. I think you should have put them in the ground long ago, why the plastic bags???
    please ensure that any holes in the bottom are at least 15-25% relative to the volume of the to keep the babies going I think you are gonna need to do a flush, 5 gallons pot means you have to pour 15 gallons of water at air temperature thru the root ball, this will freak you out, more than the plants, this process removes any toxins that have built up over the last few weeks, and although will shock the plants, they will recover over the next 2-3 days, then nute at 1/4 strength for the next 2 weeks,

    many growers do a flush regular once a month, it save them from moments like these.

  5. no plastic bags,5 gal containers with 1/2 inch holes cut in them-plenty for drainage. I went ahead and made a large bed for them and pulled them out of the pots-if not root bound very close,one thing I will do next time if I use containers I will cut it down one side and through the bottom so I can open it for transplanting easier-they were bears to get out, if you cut the container down one side and across the bottom,tape it back together with duct tape,when transplant time comes all you would need do is cut the tape and open it like a clam shell.I hope they do better-around here we have 3 months before frost and last year they finished right before that.
  6. Consider grow bags, black heavy cheap bags used by soil pros, sized at 1 gallon per month


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