I'm not a spammer. grrrr

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by swtnsxysoccerch, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. I come to this site. Why? Because I love weed. My first intention for joining is because I've discovered a new BRILLIANT homemade piece that I am absoolutley SURE that no one has even THOUGHT of and I plan to take pictures of it and enter it into the homemade piece contest. I;m just waiting for my camera to work now.

    So, I join.
    and I don't know the first thing I posted but the second thing was me saying people should watch this insane movie I watched called zeitgeist and alot of people from around me have never heard of it so I assumed maybe no one here has.

    Well apparently I'm wrong and theres a whole section on it. Thats cool to me.

    But I come online the next day and theres like 10 people BASHING me for puttign it up again and some asshole had the nerve to call me a DUDE (which I'm a chick) who got kicked off and is using a different screenname to spam for zeitgesit!!! He called me a fucking rat! I just joined and this is not the welcome I expected.

    Hopefully more people on this site are open-minded like my self and can understand that sometimes people act (especially when they are stoners) without looking and the rules first. Alright. I'm sorry for my horrible crime on this site I promise if you follow my screenname I will be a productive blogger and might change the whole homeade piece game for good once I submit my idea.


    Now that is just 'not cooool mannn.' :smoke:

  2. yeah man, i feel like you and i are victims of circumstance. join me for a joint e-joint. cheers...
  3. Well sexy, sorry about ur bad experience, most of the people on here are very nice and respectful. You will have to learn to ignore the negative people on here, there are a few. But dont let a few Jerkoffs ruin ur experience here, there are alot of positive things to learn and postive people to meet here.....like me:wave:
  4. So, read the rules, utilize the search button and don't start flaming people because they call you on posting something that has been posted dozen of times. :confused_2:

    Seems fairly simple to me. ;)
  5. Hehe. It's a bit moot now, since she got banned and all. Basically by yelling obsceneties and not being anything akin to respectfull.

    But I think what got her knots in a bundle was me. Mea Culpa.

    Though, if she'd read my post, rather than just glance at it after me calling Zeigeist for bullshit, she'd see that I did not accuse her of spamming, much less called her a rat. Did not even call her a dude, though I did say "his" as a pure guess. There was no hint of her gender in the thread in question. Besides, that is hardly something to get worked up about.

    To quote my post from the thread:

    And what got her banned? Well not reading the rules for starters. If she had, she'd be able to argue in a civilized manner, and not like this:

    New member or not, there are something called civil behaviour. Throwing fuck you's around is not a part of it. At least not on this forum.

    Which is what makes this forum so great.

    One can disagree on almost anything, but the line goes at calling others names.

    Happy tokin' :smoke:
  6. Unless you're AFD... Lol.

  7. Ha....ok then i guess thats that. I always try to keeps situations civil but in her case i didnt even read her previous posts so if she was being a dick...... or a vag may be more appropriate then good riddance i suppose.
  8. Damn. shut her down fast.

  9. I noticed you and sxy are both chicks from chicago:D
  10. Just wait haha I'll show you with my next post on a thread how awesome I am!!! =] I've got the coolest idea in the world people I'm about to start a revolutionnnnn
  11. Err...

    I'm not sure if you know... But the word "banned" means you don't get to be a member here anymore.
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