I'm no Matador, but I KNOW I can TORO. (Pictures and MILK Inside)

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by trikky, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Hey GC, I know I just bought some SG glass, but I went to the headshop today and saw something I couldn't live without.

    It's a 14 inch Rasta Label straight tube TORO Mini. Got it for a steal! It has an 18.8mm GonG Joint, and even came with a D-Cut Diffuser. The joint on this thing is HUGE. The thickets I've seen.

    This little guy RIPS... And it's soooo heavy for a 14inch bong. I took a picture of the base of it too, so you all could see how much TORO cares about quality. The base is ridiculously thick.

    Anyways, enough of me talking, you wana see the pictures!

  2. Man that thing is fucking sexy. I <3 Toros
  3. Damnit thats sick! +REP

    nice find too! ill fuckin bong!
  4. Thanks, guys. I love this little thing. Smokes really nicely.
  5. very cool man
  6. killer tube man.

    i would have snagged the little bastard too
  7. Thats pretty sexah. How much did it cost you, if you don't mind my asking?
  8. $150 but I got a great discount.
  9. Awesome! Another one to the collection, eh?

    I really like it, looks dope, and it looks super thick down there, holy crap.
  10. lovin it! i've never hit a toro before tho..
  11. You always have some ill shit man, that list pic is sweet with that bowl.
  12. Sick tube man, mini's are dope as hell. You're right about the base, that thing is thick as shit.:cool:
  13. i like the rasta bowl, and jesus that joint is thick. and great steal for 150
  14. Nice pickup, you think those straight shooters are good? Wait till you use a Toro tree... :D
  15. I'll be a while. I'm going with a dual inline 8 arm tree SG tube next.

  16. haha all hail trikky lord of glass :hello:
  17. im lovin it man...it looks like a GREAT daily smoker...decent size nice and thick.....throw one of your dank a/c's on it and i bet itll hit sooooooo nicely
  18. Check out my Milkshot thread
  19. damn man i wish my bud was the quality of your glass haha

    nice steal for 150 man rep if i can
  20. I love the thickness.
    The design is 1337.

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