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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Toberson, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    Nice site, think i might stick around.

    Im more of a hash smoker my self, where as you seem to have a strong skunk community.

    Whats up guys?

  2. welcome to the city, yeah we all love the green around here.....i take it your from the u.k., smoking mostly hash?......Peace out......Sid
  3. welcome...make yourself at home...light one up and have a good read...there's lots here...i'm new here myself and it feels like home here already :D

    *lights up a bowl in honor of Toberson's arrival to the city*
  4. Welcome to the stoners paradise..
  5. Welcome to the City... :D
  6. Welcome to the city :)
  7. Welcome.

    Make yourself at home,smoke a bong.
  8. welcome to the city :D
  9. Welcome to the City, Toby!!! :D
  10. Hey m8...welcome to the city..Im a hash lover myself as well...while nothing beats a good blunt full of the sticky green, a nice bowl of hash always does the trick anyway..lol
  11. Haha, cool people seems cool here..

    Im a bit low on posts at the moment due to the fact i havent got my computer back. Will be back in about 5 days :).


    Toby ;)

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