Im new to this...what should I buy?

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  1. There's a little too much to choose from.  Should I get a bong? bubbler? Water pipe? And do I need to buy extra stuff like that cooling thing, ash catcher, carbon filters, cleaning suplies?
    I need suggestions from people who actually know this stuff.  I don't want to spend more than $60.  Is that possible?

  2. You dont need to buy all that extra stuff unless you are trying to keep the bong itself as clean as possible and or add more areas for the smoke to cool and filter out.
    Bongs can be cleaned out.
    For 60 dollars you probably wont get anything too fancy that is glass but if you shop around you can find something that looks really nice. If you cant find something you like online try shopping at your local head shop.
  3. I agree with the guy above saying hvy.
  4. Bongs bubblers and water pipes only need water in them, something like a glass spoon pipe you can just use that and weed itself. The other are just accessories.
  5. Bongs and water pipes are the same btw. I would get a Sidecar or double bubbler. They are nice and easy to hide but they still filter the smoke
    if u do order from them use the cupon code save10 for %10 off
  7. i prefer bubbler, portable
  8. HVY all day.
    gotta agree with NC.
    cheap quality portable bubblers?
    like the ones in your advertisement link....
  9. go to a lhs. i went in and bought one. it was 25$ 6 inches tall. Sherlock style bubbler. i loved that thing. then my parents found it and broke it :(
  10. Damn if my bubbler was ever broke my life would end
  11. yeah. my parents found all my pieces recently. so 4 days after they found it i went out and bought this

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  12. it is not cheap quality, believe me 
  13. Lol, yes, they are and your roors are fake.
    I do appreciate you not trying to hide and advertise your smokeshop under a different identity but I do question the ethicality of using someone else's commercial site to drum up business for your own unless you are paying them money to advertise or they have given you permission to do so.
    And you're probably going to end up killing someone with your 4 dollar ti nails....china for sure, how can you be sure they are titanium considering in the US grade 2 titanium ti dabbers are 10+ times more expensive.  How can someone cost effectively manufacture 4 dollar grade 2 titanium dabbers in the US?
  14. Anybody know the set up for lsv bubbler attached to lsv making it one piece one hand . Portable cause it sticks to lsv. Best way to describe. Can't find picture anymore. Thanks

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