Im new to the forums and I have an idea!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Venist, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Im new to the forums and im considering growing some plants soon :D! Ive looked around through this forums at the seed bank listings. So far I can say this is a good site for info/communication. Alot of helpful stuff here! But back to the topic, my idea was to purchase a green house that stands about 6f high x 5 wide x 5 deep. Any comments or suggestions about this. btw I was considering blueberry, white widow, and some of your basic low end bud.
  2. hey how are you going? is this your first grow? becasue if it is i might take it easy on purchasing those seedscasue they are quiet hard to grow, i would probably try using bag seeds first to get a few grows under your

    peace da_buds
  3. Actually they arent that hard to grow....They are actually fairly simple. You just pshyce yourself out because they are famous strains...

  4. HIGH All, I concur ^^^^
  5. Yeah, but everyone makes newbie mistakes their first grow. I mean, it is hard to tell if a plant is overfertilized or underfertilized, needs water, etc, so it's much better to accidentally kill off some bag seed than it is $30-$50 bags of seeds. I've done tons of research and watched about 10 videos on growing, and my first grow still had a few mistakes. They just happen, you learn and go on. But it's better to learn, in my opinion, on free seed than expensive seeds.
  6. Getting a greenhouse is a great idea. It will be a lot easier for you that way instead of indoors being a newbie. I would use soil in 5 gallon buckets. Like they were saying, this grow isn't going to be your best, every year you will get better. Most people do start with bagseeds, but if you have the money I see nothing wrong with buying seeds. Good luck.
  7. You can grow them no prob...
    First thing to do is read up befor any grow,read up on the seeds you will be growing,and then go for it...
    Just make sure that you have the greenhouse or whatever you use all set up the way you want it...
  8. Thanks for the replies, I have another question though. I was looking at the grow rooms/design part of the forum. I noticed in one of the stickies that it says anything over 250 watts would probably need a circuit breaker of its own. I take it that if I use a 400wt light that this would be a problem? :( I guess my other question is if I had about 6 plants or so what would be a decent light/wattage to use as I go along?

    ps the seeds are np I have some good friends that can help out with some blueberry
  9. You won't need a separate breaker for a 400w light... My aquarium has a 200w heater that's run almost constantly (my room is FREEZING so the heater's usually on keepin the water warm)... That, plus my 2 air pumps, my power-head, my 2 filters, and my light use up well over 300 watts, and I've had no problems. BTW, these are all run on a surge-protector/extension cord from the same outlet.
  10. I run 650W without a separate circuit - no problemo.

    As for the ease of growing, It's pretty easy and nature will find a way so long as you just stick to the basics.

    Decent soil
    Regular watering (without over watering)
    Some basic nutes
    A means of regulating your lighting
    Control of insects and infections

    Growing outside means you'll be restricted by the cycles of the seasons as your plants have 2 separate growing requirements. During the 'veg' or growth stage, the longer they are in light the better. With artificial lighting this means 18 hours on and 6 off although some people do go to 24-7 lighting. To promote flowering and the creation of the buds, your plant needs 12-12 (12 hours of light and then 12 of darkness) This is difficult to manipulate easily with an outside grow as you'll be restricted by the natural light available and this time of year (in the UK) the nights are drawing in and you're plant's won't grow much.

    I'd take a good long read of Grandpa's grow guide at - it's what I did before starting my first grow and has EVERYTHING you need to know to get yourself going!

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  11. Problem with sunlight.........this is my first grow and I just planted the seeds yesterday and it is been cloudy yesterday and today.......what do i do?
  12. If this is your first grow I would def. use bag seed. Just because if you make any mistakes you didn't spend your money on expensive seeds.
  13. yup i used bagseed
  14. they make other strains like northern lights that are super easy to grow. they make tough strains that any newb should be able to grow, just look for em. I'd recommend those, and they would still be better than a bagseed :)

    I just bought a pack a speed queens and had em shipped to the states for $30.00 so they arn't that expensive.

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