I'm new to pot.

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  1. I jist started smoking and am pretty confused. I don't get what the different 'strains' are. I also don't get all the terminology for bongs. Like what does it mean to diffuse, what is an ice catcher, difference between a bong and a bubbler. Only thing i have smoked are pop can pipes and joints. If possible please explain and just give me some general advice.
  2. Please stop smoking out of cans :(
  3. Welcome to our community.It's ok if you don't know anything still.Weed isen't like alcohol you only know some of the basic's and your ready to go.Keep on doing research's about your question's on google or so.I've been smoking for 5 year's and I still learn at least one fact or thing about weed.Don't worry on learning about the pot you got a long time for that.What you need to worry about in the first place is not getting caught or busted,this is the most important thing when you start smoking (as you know weed isn't a joke because it's illegal).Once you take care and put your shit together in the first place,it'll be really hard for you to get caught.Here's a really good thread of mine talking about not getting caught (that you should read) http://forum.grasscity.com/apprentice-tokers/1023415-rules-never-get-busted.html.
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    First off: Enjoy it while your tolerance is low, months and years down the line you will never be able to get as high as you used to. We have no choice in the matter and make the most of it.

    Oh yea, don't smoke out of cans any more. Bad bad bad... Upgrade to stoner status. Get a GB!

    Gravity bong. 2 liter&cap bucket'o'water. Burn the top of the cap and put a drill bit socket in there, preferably a 5mm piece and once the cap is almost melted, strike while the iron is hot and push it through. Cut the 2 liter into 2/3rds removing the bottom tier and use the power of suction to exhumate the smoke and remove the cap and suck it in and push down. But down swollow the water, put a ping pong ball in their for good measure.

    But oh how I envy you.... :'(

    and heres a diagram. Careful now, smoking something like this will likely get you the most stoned you will ever be. Don't hurt yourself.

    The easiest, cheapest, and best way to get the most stoned you can possably get without knowing how to roll or drop hunded's on glass.
  5. If you want to buy a bong just order It off the internet to someone's house who's pro 420. One of my friends just sold me a nice ass 13 inch perc with 4 chambers for $60. Look in head shops with someone who has a fake id. Or just make a water bottle bong with a drill bit. Damn I'm stoned

  6. Strain are different types of weed. Just like there are all different types of alcohol there are many different strains of weed. Some better than others.

    An ice catchers is just a little notch halfway down the bong so you can put a few ice cubes in the bong to cool down the smoke. A bubbler is usually a smaller handheld pipe with water in it. And a bong is a much larger piece you stick you mouth in instead of just you lips like on a bubbler.

    My best general advice would be to check out the apprentice smokers section at the top of the board. ALLLL the info you will need is there

  7. I like to call this the poor man's method.

    Not gonna lie, this definitely gets you stoned as fuck, but its a painful way to get stoned. Every time I do G-Bong rips my lungs want to rip themselves out of their chest and kill themselves. They just hit too harsh for my liking. Plus, you get stoned on your ass almost instantly. It's kind of unpleasant to be knocked on your ass by one of these. You might throw up. If you wanna get equally stoned, hotbox a fat blunt in a truck cab or buy yourself a cheap bong online with an ice catcher and slam some ice in that bitch. It'll be a way better high, I promise.

  8. To clarify, an ice catcher is a series of three inward points in a bong. You wanna put ice in a bong because it makes the hits a lot easier to take. The difference between a bong and a bubbler is size and portability. Bubblers tend to be small and made out of colored glass. You fill the little chamber with water and it helps make the hit less harsh than what it would be from a regular bowl. They're quite fun. Bongs are usually big, at least 12", and have a long straight glass cylinder that comes from the beaker. The bowl that you pack in a bong is usually removable and has a down stem that reaches into the water in the base. When you want to clear a bong when it's all milky with smoke, you pull out the bowl/downstem (depends on the quality of the bong) and suck all the smoke out. Some bongs have carb holes. I wouldn't recommend buying them. Carb holes are the little things you cover on pipes and it works the same way on bongs with carb holes.

    Welcome dude! Have fun. Don't pay $20/g for anything with seeds in it. If you can, only buy the sticky stuff. Mids (weed with seeds) suck. They always give me migraines.
  9. I like sativas for the day time and indicas for when I'm not trying to be too active. get a vape and balance giant bong loads with vape sessions and GET SOME HEMP WICK!
  10. I personally prefer pipes and when I'm with friends a nice tightly rolled J. I don't really like "pullin' jeebs" or gravity bongs, for me it just seems to be more complicated than smoking should be, especially if you're already ripped. A chill smoking experience for me is just passing around a J or a pipe with some good friends. Don't get me wrong gravity bongs, pullin jeebs and shit get you really high really fast, but part of the experience for me is a chill, laid back smoking session before you and your friends get ripped :D. But that's just me and my 2 cents. I'm sure others feel differently and love gravity bongs but its all cool.

    Cheers, have a good life filled with love and Mary Jane

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