im new to growing and need help

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  1. im looking to start growing my own herb next season i live in the upper midwest and was wondering what i should use for pots and what strain i should use im using the herb to help with my bipolar and adhd to help me chill out a bit:cool:. any input would be greatly appreciated im growing out in the woods behind my house in a somewhat shaded area but i can open the area up more for more sun if neccessary.
  2. thanks for that link and the advice
  3. hey will 5 gallon buckets work cuz i get em for free

  4. They will work but I would go 10g or even bigger. Plant some in the ground as well.

  5. Yeah, the bigger the pot the bigger the pot. If you are going to buy store-brand buckets, just make sure you drill enough holes in the bottom for drainage.
  6. I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending less then a 20 gallon smart pot filled with a QUALITY soil and a Quality strain for a full season. Like most people said the more dirt the better. This season is nearly over. I am not sure how big any plants would get by this point. You would need to plant a shit ton of seeds to make up for the lost time and wouldn't need as big of pots at all. I don't know anyone who has planted this late so I will just say goodluck next season and nice to see you prepare.

    On that note I see dankohzee doing great with 8 gallon smart pots. So it can be done. I just feel it is much easier with a bigger pot to get those kind of results. I also feel the 8 gallons is really holding him back but he doesn't feel that way himself. So to each their own. Find something that fits your grow and grow style. Not everyone can lug enough water to water 20 gallons of soil. Myself I am limited on the amount of plants I can grow legally so I want them as big as possible. Guerrilla growers have the advantage of being able to grow as many as they want and choosing as many spots as they want. So they are not so much forced to grow monsters though dankohzee has some really really nice ones.
  7. ya im just preparing for next season

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