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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by toker de PEACE, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. I too wondered how i would introduce myself, and where i would post first, a forum marked introduce yourself i think will do just perfect. My name is Yohanan, im 18, almost 19, i was born in Holland, moved to Vermont when i was 7, and now live in Maine. By now, anyone who knows anything about weed and culture, knows that on paper, my origins are a recipe for a smoker...but its gets better.... my dad was a hippie, and still is, in some ways. A liberal minded Christian (yes i know, a bit of contradiction there but its the only way to live truth) who share the same views with. When i was 15, almost 16, my father asked me if i had ever smoked pot. I knew he had, because I had smelt it(mmmm) and he didn't realize i knew what i was smelling... anyway, i figured it was safe to tell him i smoked. My loving father, who cares so deeply for people, looked at me with a smile in his eye and said, "Then my son, you join the aspect of my life which is more important to me then anything else". he pulled out this great little retro wooded bowl and a dime of homegrown, and we toked up. Since then, I've graduated, and become increasingly interested in politics, culture and good literature, and most of all, marijuana. its something that i do a lot, and i do love it, i have friends who are routy and not like me, who are your basic "pot heads"(I hate that term) but there cool and fun to smoke with, but my favorite smoke is a good roach with me dad on a starry fall night. im sorry, to far out? that's my life, that's me, sorry for boring you, i look forward to being a regular at the city! Also, i'd say i have a pretty vast knowledge, so hopefully i can help people with questions;-)
  2. Welcome to the stoners city.. Stay green!
  3. Welcome to the best little City on the 'Net. Spark it up and have some fun! :wave:
  4. Welcome to the city :)
  5. thanx all, and yeah, when i smoke with my dad, its really a good time. hes got that little wood bwl i was tellign you about, its so short and hardcore, the worst possible thign for you rlungs, but it feels so smoothe when your chillin with your dad, talkin politicts and peace. peace. thanx for the welcome everyone, im here to stay.... and im lit up right now, this noo spoon i bought is fantastic!
  6. Welcome to the foggiest city on the Ineternet! :)
  7. hey :wave:

    toker de PEACE that is chill

    My dad used to smoke when he was in the 60's and 70's i know it

    but no longer :(

    i just wanna smoke out but i have to write 8 papers and take 2 more tests so i am gonna go surfing on thursday :D

    and then everything is gonna be even more chill :hippie:

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