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    so hey haha, I didn't see this thread till after I sorta kinda introduced myself a bit in my first ever post. whooooops.

    anyway I'm a Canadian girl, vegetarian hahah and I like cats, tea, glass pipes, books, and hippie shit. idk what else to put here since I haven't been on this forum before so sorry if this is shitty hahaha :smoking:

    stay hiiiiigh :)

    also since I'm on an iPod and can't seem to get an avatar ill just post what would e my avatar here.. ahahaha

  2. Fellow female toker, with "dank" in her name also, sweeet
  3. Cats >>> all

    Welcome to gc :)

  4. you bet hahaha:wave:
  5. i love cats.

  6. you know it, and daaaanks!
  7. Best name ever

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  8. aww thanks! haha I wanted something else but I was like I like dank bud and cata so why not smash em together?
  9. Your not one of those vegetarians that make their carnivorous animals eat strictly veggie too right?

    Either way, welcome to the city. Read the forum rules so you dont get yelled at and enjoy your stay. :bongin:
  10. Welcome fellow Canadian...:)

  11. hahaha naw! I feed my pets meaty kibble and shit all the time! and thanks :metal:

  12. hello hello!
  13. People do that?!? Da fuck... thats fucked up. I'd never do that to my pets.

  14. Yeah. I was asking because this one time I was surfing Tumblr and I came across this vegan chicks blog. I was shocked to find out she only fed her cats veggies, they ate no meat. In nature all cats eat is meat, they have a hard time digesting leafy material but they can digest things like raw meat on the regular and not get sick like a human. Anyway, moral of the story is this girl thought she was doing her cats a huge favor when in fact she was just making them die a slow, painful death. :(
  15. Welcome :D where in canada are you from? i love kitties :D
  16. Welcome to the city. Happy new year.
  17. Love Canada chicks. I use take monthly fishing trip up there with the boys. No communication, phones, Internet. Good stuff. Welcome.
  18. :) welcome to the city

  19. man that's just mean to the animals. let em eat what nature said, right?

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