Im New i have a few questions

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  1. Heyy gues im neww i have a few questions
    1. where is a good place to hid weed and lighters but not in plain sight but not hard to get in to
    2. how much weed does it get to get high
    3. how to make an easy bong or bubbler(post pics of your hommades)
    4.wheres the best place in your house to smoke weed?
    5. whats the best thing to cover the scent

  2. Lol love your name :ey:

    1. If you have clothes that hang up (I'm sure you do...:p), you can make a very good place with that. Grab a Ziploc baggie (or a few if you want to separate out the different items), some paper clips, and a rubber band. Make both paper clips look like this:


    Next, either hole punch or use the paperclips to punch a hole through the baggie's lip, as to preserve the interior...goodies. :D Next, hang one paperclip up on the hangar of one of your clothes, use the rubber band to connect the other paper clip, and hang the baggie. All you have to do now is hang whatever piece of clothing you chose to do this with up.

    2. It really depends, some people it takes a couple grams, and some people it takes a couple of hits. It depends on your tolerance, and that gains when you smoke. So if you are new to smoking, it's gonna be one or two hits. (hits are tokes, and tokes are an act of smoking weed)

    3. I have no home made bong, but you can look in the "DIY and Homemade" and find a good tutorial on how to make those :D

    4. In my house? None. Outside? Infinite.
    It's not a good idea to smoke inside...

    5. Carbon filters. You can buy a Smoke Buddy or make your own carbon filters, but any sort of carbon filter will beat drier sheets any day. :D

    Happy toking :bongin: :wave:
  3. Dude well said. Listen to him ^

  4. 1. Under Real Life Stories there is a thread 'Where do you stash your bud when riding'. It also has some places where you can hide it at home. Some good idea's and pointers.

    2. Have you ever even smoked weed? How old are you. I despise questions like this. Everyone is different. Sometimes it's a bowl pack for me, Sometimes it's a two hitter quitter.




    4. When I lived at home.. I would smoke on the porch, Go next door to Baseball field or Graveyard. When I did smoke at home.. It was in my room. Right next to the window.

    5. A match, incense.
  5. It's always different for everyone :wave:

    I've always found very odd places to smoke, like under a bridge or outside my house under my back porch. :D

    Matches are very powerful smelling, they will kill other strong smells, hence why some people light matches after they do #2. :laughing:

    And incense work very well, too. If you get a good smelling one you can kill the weed smell :yay:

  6. Hey there!
    Firstly welcome to GC, and I hope you find all the answers to your questions.

    1. I find that the hardest thing to do when hiding your cannabis is masking the smell, there are millions of places to hide it but only a few can really remove the smell.
    I would recommend 'youtube'ing 'axe can stash', where basically you take an old Axe or Lynx (depends where youre from) take it apart so you can store stuff inside. Noone will even consider looking in there even if it's right infront of their eyes, plus the lingering deodorant smell will mask the smell of your cannabis.

    2. the amount of weed it takes for you to get high depends on you, how long youve smoked, how good the quality is, how much you've eaten before and the method in which you're consuming it. for example AK-47 a strain famous for a one hit high will get you stoned with a smallish amout. I have also heard that food products made with cannabutter give a stronger and longer lasting effect. I would recommend starting on a 0.5g joint and see how you feel after 10mins. remember first time smokers don't feel the effcts as much as people who have been smoking for a long time.

    3. bongs/bubblers are very easy to make and dare i say very fun too. i made a number of water bottle bongs before i even smoked for the first time. you can make them as wild as you want however i would not recommend smoking out of a tin foil bowl as a weak link has been made with that and cancer, so dont take any risks :)

    4. the best place to smoke in your house is where there is a window :p personally i would recommend always doing it outside or in a garden shed/garage ect. because the smell is less likley to be detected, but if you want to do it inside make you hold your bong/pipe/joint outside the window and blow all the smoke straight out aswell!

    5. the best thing to cover the scent, hopefully if you followed step four there wouldnt be enough of a smell to worry about, but I did see someone posted before about a smokebuddy. the smokebuddy or a product similar is going to be your best bet, it removes the smell of the smoke and the visual smoke too.

    Just ask if you need anymore help

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