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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hellz1stsin, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hello people of this wonderful online community. I've been partaking in herb consumption fer a few years now and it's nice to have a place to go talk to different people and learn new things. I've frequented this site as a guest, but now i have decided to join. Feel free to ask me questions, i look forward to meeting some cool people
  2. how are you? i'm surprised someone actually replied to these things.
  3. Good and you? Yeah, ppl respond. Well...I do anyway hehe
  4. i'm high. as i should be. all seems to be well. and in good company.
  5. right on, same here. about to make dinner soon, but for now i just wanna chill :smoke:
  6. hell yeah. i think we're actually about to pack up another. i can't tell... to much noise. haha.
  7. having a little get together eh?
  8. no. not really. just the everyday. it's me and my roommates/best friends/2nd family.
  9. right on, may i join in on the smokefest? :)
  10. you're always welcome. we have an open door policy
  11. Score!
  12. as is my bedroom. haha jk dinner is startin to sound good... but what's for dinner? shit.. that means i have to cook

  13. lol. i'm making dinner right now....eggplant parmesan, brussel sprouts, and salad. want some?!
  14. that actually sounds really good. can i bring my own little steak?
  15. i guess..if you must :p
  16. i take it you're a vegetarian?
  17. Welcome to GC man. :smoke:
  18. I respond to all these things! I like to make people feel welcome.
    Im probably the coolest guy you'll meet so no further looking a due. :)
    Just playin theres a lot of cool people here, welcome to the city!
  19. i used to be but i'm trying to go back to it. i don't call myself one yet since i've had some slip ups with meat :devious:

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