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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RomulanJake, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone! Im new here, and new to forums in general. Im hoping to meet some like minded growers, and maybe make a new friend or two here. You can call me Jake. I am a USMC Veteran, owner of Romulan Genetics, am a 2nd generation breeder/farmer, and absolutely love growing cannabis.

    Here is a photo of my girls growing now:
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  2. Welcome to the Fam! Looking great! I have been working with a Northern Lights right now phenohunting. Happy Growing!

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  3. Welcome to GC! There are a few veterents on here :love-m3j:

    Great looking flowers!
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  4. Thank you! I cant wait to meet them, and appreciate it my brother.

    That is really good to hear. Been looking for a genuine NL for a while. All the seedbanks seem to carry is subpar versions these days.
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  5. It’s great to have another experienced grower here to keep us noobs straight. Welcome and thanks for serving.
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  6. Thank you!

    And Dobro.. You play slide guitar too? ;)
  7. I prefer “play at” but yea. I mostly stay in E and G, just a couch picker. :GettingStoned:

    What about you?
  8. been playing for years.. just having fun with it on the porch at nights.
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  9. I used to play out some years ago. Dance hall/beer joint circles. No matter where it goes, nothing beats that porch that you speak of.
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