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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Proto006, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. I'm new to the site and was wondering of a good legit site I could get some seeds from. my state is not legal but is it safe to get them shipped to my home? or if anyone has any for sale let me know I'd like to buy some from ya. I can do PayPal
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  2. There's plenty of info in the Marijuana Seed Bank Forum.
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  3. If you want to try Autoflowers, sending cash to Mephisto Genetics is fast, safe, and easy.
    Growers Choice in CA is an easy source of autos and photos with credit card.
    I'm not happy with any other US sources, because either the selection of autos is poor, the price is too high, or they require buying 5+ seed packs.
    European bank Alibongo is my favorite foreign bank.
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  4. I thought about trying seedman and stuff but didnt know if it's all good getting it sent to the house or opening a PO Box which would suck to do
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  5. There are many good breeders and seedbanks that ship to the US - it's safe to ship to your house - I've been doing it for years and never had a problem.
    I have had positive experiences with:
    Growers Choice
  6. I have all of my beans sent to my home addy with no problems
  7. thanks for the info I'll start looking around
  8. anyone been using seedman? think I'll get sum from them
  9. I just put in an order at seedsman a couple of days ago....they are "repped" enough to use.....IMO
  10. so many flavs to pick from
  11. Don't buy too many!
  12. if I do I might get jus ome or 2flavs
  13. That is what I have done, twice. I’ve just started my third grow and I still have eight seeds left!
    It’s REAL EASY.........
  14. hell yea
  15. I use

    US banks
    Seeds here now
    Main clone company

    The vault
    Single seed centre

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  16. I'll have to try them out... thanks
  17. Thanks.
    Single seed sounded swell... until I added in the shipping to 'The States'.
    Still looking at the others; I can't grow 'big', so I can't buy 'big'.
    I buy three packs, delivered, for $39... best, for me, so far;
    but there ARE options I see.
  18. Unfortunately with genetics you get what you pay for.
  19. RATS!

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