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I'm new here . . . here's my pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by flanker, May 23, 2010.

  1. So, I'm brand new to GC.

    Here's my pickup from yesterday:



    I bought an 8th purp for $30 and this is the worst nug out of the 8th. This shit is so purple. :smoking:

  2. that looks wonderful. very good price too. good pickup man
  3. damn bro looks lik u got some fire, and a eighth of purp for only 30. were do u live?
  4. wow only $30.. i live in MD and people will charge 70 or more for that. fuck you dude. awesome pick up. :hello:
  5. Wow $30 for an 8th of that is amazing. Nice phone.
  6. yum looks frosty!:D
  7. dude welcome to the city and that some nice nice ganja you got there for a killer price
  8. party time! excellent!

  9. fucking A ,,at that price id take a ounce
  10. great buds, and even greater prices! toke on.
  11. I'm in STL but a friend of my sold it to me, that's why I got it so cheap
  12. nice bud, ma'am.
  13. I am drooling right now :)

  14. hahah hope you enjoyed that. u got some nice mary jane there. and for 30 for an eighth, damn yo. lol

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