Im New Here Confused.

Discussion in 'General' started by Lacie, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. are there any rules you have to follow? all the other forums i've been to have had rules and whatnot
    guess i'm still getting used to this..

  2. Yeah, you should be able to find them somewhere.
  3. don't talk about other drugs beside weed
  4. oh and tits or gtfo
  5. is there a stickied topic or anything
  6. It's literally two threads above this on my phone.
  7. thank you toasty. i completely missed that topic, haha
    Niet problemski, comrade.
    Welcome to the city, chicka. :wave:
  10. Don't the rules pop up before you join? I don't remember. 
  11. bungholio. Welcome to the city. :smoking:
  12. You have to like my posts.

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  13. Welcome to the City. :gc_rocks:  :wave: 

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