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im new here but have a question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by n0tS, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. :Dhello fellow sticky bud smokers! i just signed up here although i been reading things here and there...I have a question, i was reading the forum yesterday and saw somebody say something along the lines of ''eating some fruit before smoking makes you higher'' problem is i was completely BAKED :smoking:at the time and never remembered this majestic fruits name...can anyone help me??? don't quote me on this but i think it had the word ''can'' in it...i want to say cantaloupe but thats for sure not it...anyway if anyone can help me id be grateful! thank you..

    happy puffin' everyone! :hippie:
  2. I'm not much help here because I don't even know the awnser to your question. But I would like to say welcome to GC and happy toking.
  3. :Dthank you for the welcome its good to meet you
  4. This fruit was indeed Mango.

    Welcome to the city! Also, for future reference, questions belong in the Apprentice Tokers' forum!

    You should also utilize the search button in order to find the post from yesterday by using keywords such as "fruit."

    I was able to find it myself.

    I believe this is the thread you were speaking of.

    This will prevent reposts of questions that you could answer yourself. ;)

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