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I'm new. Hello and Here is my piece

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Atticus1828, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Welcome to the City. Crazy one of my friends (HarleyBo on here) just picked up the exact same piece as that except different colors. It's thick and hits well. Nice mids too.

  2. welcome nice peice bud looks good to :hello::smoking:
  3. Welcome, those are some nice colors in your peice
  4. Very nice. Welcome to the city :D
  5. Nice piece and herb man, welcome to the jungle
  6. I love the peice. Welcome
  7. Sick piece man! and welcome......BTW nice name, To Kill A Mockingbird was a pretty interesting book
  8. killer piece and nice lookin bud def some nice pickups how much did the bowl run you i love that thing:)
  9. lol, nice pipe, carb looks a little tiny, but very nice design. Looks thick.

    You might want to clean it? I don't know, that's a personal preference.

    Nice mids too.

    Welcome to the city.
  10. oh yeah, there was some already burned greens in there so thats why it make look like I havent cleaned it. I enjoy the colors so thats why I dont want to clean the pipe part out and the carb prob. looks small because of the massive amount of resin in there haha, I got it as a present from my cousin, but im pretty sure it cost him something like 40 bucks.
  11. Welcome my friend and nice tools you got there. JOE>
  12. That's one sick pipe. I especially like the yellow swirls. Welcome to The City. :D
  13. so we packed up george at the end of the night tonight, getting ready to go for a bake run on the way home...i gave it to my friend to hold on to cuz i had alot of shit to get rid of. we drop off my other friend and as he gets out, the pipe falls out of my friends pocket and shatters on the concrete. Im so fucking upset. at least i got a good picture of him before he went, we scraped all the resin and I have a lifetimes supply of the stickiest resin ever. but im bummed. my friend is throwing me 40 bucks which I'll prob. put tiowards a buibbler./

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