Im new but i got some questions.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Misfit, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. ok so im new to the board and i would like to say you guys have a awesome tighly nit community here. and i was just wondering if using bag seeds would be a good idea for the first couple of plants to grow, i really dont feel like spending much if any on seeds for the first time. i know u can grow plants from bag seeds but i was wondering if it was a waste of time? and what would be some good startin materials aka cheap. any help would be appreaciated.
  2. it will do just fine.....

    flourecent light system, so when is a seedling u put it under the flos....

    hps system for veg, and flowering...

    fert...10-10-10 for veg, or any with equal number will do for veg...

    10-60-10 for flowering, or any fert with the middle number higher will do.. look into buying supper bloom ferts...latezzz...
  3. sweet deal. im just tired for payin to much damn money for a little bud

  4. Yup. I hear that! $300 - $400 a month is really starting to aggrivate me.
  5. im at about 160 a month and its killin me
  6. yep.... its pretty sweet to spend $100 on a grow box and grow afew hundred bucks worth of bud :p
  7. how potent is people first grow usually?
  8. Thanks for brininging me to the site, Misfit! Sorry I can't help you out on the growing tips, but I can help you get retarded.

    Oh, and you know who this is.
  9. crooked?

  10. What? No, dude I live below you. Literally.
  11. oh what up playa!
  12. If you are trying to do an "economy" grow, and most first timers (and poor bastards, like myself) do, you don't *NEED* to get fancy lights. A popular department store around here which I'm too paranoid to name explicitly, something-mart, sells 4 foot flourescent hanging shoplight fixtures for less than the price of 2 fast food value meals. However, I STRONGLY recommend AGAINST buying ANY of their bulbs. Even the "plant & aquarium" or "full spectrum" ones. EL CHEAPO. Verilux are way the hell brighter than those things, and Agrosun are way the hell brighter than Verilux so I recommend going to a greenhouse and buying Agrosun or equivalent bulbs.

    Just one thing to keep in mind.. when picking out a fixture make sure it FULLY supports "T-12" flourescent bulbs, that is, standard 4 foot 40watt tubes. Otherwise, the fixture will not run these bulbs at their full brightness/wattage ("T-8" = 32 watts or something like that). In any case, you should be able to find shop light fixtures dirt cheap in a number of places. Don't spend a lot! It's the bulbs that are important. That said, let me show you what flourescents can do ;)...


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  13. haha

    Try $50/day!
  14. i'll head out to the mart sometime this week to check out what they got and my collection of seeds are growin. just bought some really seedy midi. i kinda smiled when i got the 1/8th and my friends were like wtf why did u buy cheap shit and i was like cuz i got a susprise for u soon
  15. so what do white seeds mean i got like 3 of em?

  16. White seeds are immature, throw them away. Small light-grey ones are probably not worth the effort either. Big grey and brown seeds are mature and should produce the most viable plants. I like the biggest roundest brown seeds with grey stripes, myself, those are my favorites :) but try a variety of any mature seeds you have, see what you get. Can't judge a book by its cover!
  17. threw them out

  18. i got a whole bunch of really dark brown stripped seeds, do they go bad? they're in a wooden stash box... *not air tight* im thiking about putting them in school plants or something, without expecting them to survive, but i'd love to see some cannibus pop out of their daisys, haha...
  19. Daisys would probably muscle the weed out of there... it sounds funny and probably would be hilarious if it worked, but in all seriousness, don't bother man... if someone saw you and you later got blamed, or worse, got caught on camera, the principal would probably flip their shit and bring the cops down on you. Just not worth the risk :/

    Why not grow at home? (if you're not a minor... ***disclaimer***disclaimer***) :p

    edit: p.s. - tight sig, grass roots!
    edit: if you keep them pretty dry they should be fine for quite some time... keeping them frozen mimics winter which most seeds are genetically designed to survive, but it also just helps keep them disease free and stuff.. keep them dry and they should be ok for atleast a couple months (and keep in mind, your bags of weed may already be months old and those seeds still often work).. i wish i had an answer i was more sure of for you... good luck :)

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