Im new at this HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nyc-smoker, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. Hey im new at growing weed i have been smoking it for 3 years now.well i come to u with a problem i want to grow weed but i have to work around somethings.i live in new york city in usa so that is a problem i want to get good seeds but cant.if any of you can send me some i would like that thanks :) two im only 15 i dont have much money and dont know where to get this stuff. i also dont know how to do any of this or what to get for a beginner. so if someone on the board could plz help me i would be very happy. thanks
  2. can anyone plz help!!!!
  3. Do you have any seeds at all?
    or just not 'good quality' I wouldnt neccesarily assume that you need 'high' quality seeds for a first decent grow. I wouldnt spen the money, especially if your like me, and dont have any... on seeds if you have a few from your past smoke, I would attempt to grow a few of those you have, learn how a plant grows, what it needs, and what is involved in providing it with such, before moving on to the bigger and better. no? How much do you know so far, what do you need? Browse this site a bit more and tehn ask a few specific questions, I assume it gets rather irritating having posts with generic questions already many times answered being constantly posted without any effort on the posters browse this site, check out, check out

    if you have kazaa, check out todd mccormick, if nothing else it is an interesting read, good debate. but ask questions based on certian things, be specific, and you will be helped.. guaranteed, I know everyone here hooked me up with all the answers I need, Im trying to do my part and help as much as possible also...gotta stick together. so just take your time, dont go too fast, be patient, and youll learn alot, and youll be alot safer going slow... dont get caught alright.

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