im new at growing HELP!

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  1. hey im relatively new at growing this is my first time in grass city and my first time growing too Ive got a few seeds in one pot and one has only sprouted ! its only about 1 inch high at the moment and Ive got it setting in my window seal during the day and under a blue-ish hue lamp at night so what are some simple things i can do to help this thing grow?

    things like simple lighting schedules and watering would be helpful.
    oh and when the plant is growing does it give off a smell? because i live with my parents and its in a corner growing so do i have to worry about this?

    one more thing when is the earliest time i can harvest it and its smokable and get high off of?

    thanks -black3dragon out
  2. oh and please comment if you have any answers please thanks!!
  3. Sounds like some risk, though what I would do is go buy a cheap Full Spectrom Compact Flouresent Bulb, depending on your "lamp" or housing unit wattage(prolly a 60-100watt). If you get that, a decent pale atleast a half gallon, grow atleast 15-24 hours of light and try to keep it to a schedual. I have heard that you can grow your plants to around 15" tall and harvest and that just means to change the lighting to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark to sex and continue to start growing buds. do not take if off 12on-12off. Dont stress watering just soak all the soil then once about an inch down is dry rewater once growing the plant is strong and yes it does smell.
  4. thanks alot man
    if theres anyone else with tips or advice that would be nice thanks everyone!
  5. That plant will make your entire room smell like you just smoke 50 blunts at once when it starts flowering. No amount of febreeze will cover it. My buddy had an open grow of Skunk # 1 it was 3 plants and you could smell it when you pulled into his drive way.

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