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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Brujah, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. I had a bag of about 100 mixed seeds. The fact that they had been collected over time isnt a big deal because ive always gotten killer shit from the same person who grows the same strands and hybrids of ak47, northern lights, and white widow. I have always been very sitisfied with my highs from these plants and i decided to put some soil in a crate in my back yard, throw the seeds in, and see if anything popped up.

    Well, its been about 3 weeks now and i have been letting mother nature do her job. The only time i mess with them is to water them if the soil seems to dry. About a week ago i transplanted them because i have approx 15 plants and only one crate, i moved them over the septic tank and them seem to be flourishing. already they have gone from 5 leaves to 7.

    I have a few questions however...

    1.) How tall should these plants be by now and how far along in their growth cycle? I have read several growing guides but nothing really tells me.I do understand it's dependant upon the strains and cultivation methods.

    2.) There were a couple late bloomers that sprouted after the others were already a foot or higher and as a result they arent getting much sunlight. their roots are tangled in with the larger plants so i cant remove them. We are talking about a couple of 3" plants with 9 leaves already. is this normal? should i kill them to save the larger plants or just let them go?

    3.) Can anyone reccomend a fertilizer or chemical that will keep the bugs from them? In my situation i cannot build an enclosure for the plants. They seem to be doing ok, no eatten leaves or brown parts at all but a couple of times ive seen grasshoppers on them. not eatting them, just chillin. This bothers me, should it?

    4.) How long will the growth cycle take before they start budding, and after they start budding how will i know when to harvest them? I mean... what is the plant height/width ratio to the size of the bud that will let me know when the time is right?

    I have a plethora of questions but this thread is already getting long enough and i will address them in due time. Thank you in advance.

  2. i'll try to answer your questions as best i can.....the plants are meant to have 1 pot each to help eliminate the males later, and give lots of root space, but it's too late to try to seperate them and it will cause too much stress on the roots.......

    1/ "how tall will a child grow when it's born?".....it's impossible to tell!, you can help it along by providing good light and ventilation, and also ferts.......mine are small and bushy because of the light i use, however outdoor the plant likes to grow tall if it's a sativa and small if it's an indica......

    2/ try to get more light to them, if you can't then just leave them as the removal may cause stress to the other healthy plants.....

    3/ there are diffrent types of pesticides on the market but it does depend on what bugs you want to get rid of.......if the hoppers don't bother it or lay eggs on it then why bother?

    4/ when to trigger flowering is up to yourself......health of plant and wany height restrictions....bear in mind it will most probably double or even triple in height by the end of flowering.....i trigger at 12" indoors, but outdoors it's done by mother nature........

    hope that helped you....also read the guide under my sig, and browse the forums for info....there's also a handy search engine in the site too......Peace out.......Sid
  3. How would i go about triggering the flowering?

    These particular plants are between 9" and 19" with most around 15". However, I do not know if they are indica or stativa. How can i tell? They are in a large box now so i can bring them inside and triggering flowering if i want to, especially if they will double or triple in height by the time they are done. Would i help if i posted pictures of them? That is a possibility.

    If i do post pictures would it be possible for some of you experts to sex/determine what breed they are?
  4. to trigger flowering you have the lights on 12/12......12 hours on and 12 off........as for the type of plant.....sativas have long slim leaves and indicas are short and bushy and short fat leaves.......get a pic and show us how they look......Peace out......Sid

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