Im New and would like to make some friends

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by chronicchick, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. Any one live in tampa bay area ??
  2. i don't live in the Tampa bay area but quite to be exact....welcome to the city and enjoy you're stay...Peace out....Sid
  3. hi im new to grasscity,too-- no "real life" pazzaz going on, but i find i enjoy being alone and getting high.
  4. Welcome, welcome............I hope you enjoy it here. I'm not from tampa bay but just wanted to say hi anyway!!!!! Hope you like it here.
  5. nowhere near, but welcome to the city!
  6. Welcome. I am sure you will enjoy it here!

  7. where in tampa i moved to juneau from tampa last year

    i lived in tampa for fucking years!!!!

    ask me about something ?anything ?

    how was guavaween this year? we went and saw diturbed last yr!

    and how is bubba?do you listen to 98?

    even if you dont you know who the sponge is!if you live in tampa

    has livestock already passed this yr?

    oh yeah old are you?and what part of tampa?

    i still have lots of friends there!
  8. well i'm not anywhere around you, but i'll say high anyways... HIGH. Give us some info on ya.... whats your fave band? Mines insane clown posse, i'm addicted to icp.

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