Im New And There Are Many Things I Need To Learn Quckly.

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  1. How would I build a trap?
  2. That's the hard part. Find a place where you can pop off a panel or vent or in the floor then make a hollow spot for your stash and put it in there and replace whatever you moved and bam it's invisible. Some people go as far as to make actual hidden compartments that you have to flip switches or follow a certain procedure to get them to open but those are pro
  3. This has definitely sparked my interest. Tomorrow I will probably mess around with my vehicle for a bit and see if I can make some spot. Does anyone know if consenting to a search of a vehicle denies them the right to tear things apart. I hate being the one asking for legal advice, yet I'm going into a law field. Oh well some have more experience I guess.
  4. If you consent they can do whatever they want really. Never ever consent to a search after that you forfeit any chance you had at fighting it in court. Now if they have probably cause they can do the same thing but if you consent that takes away one more tool you can use to fight it.
  5. Ya I was just thinking if I consent to a search due to the fact that I never smell like it or have red eyes. If they would just do a kind of what I can reach search and such. I just figure if I make it loom like I have nothing to hide they will be less likely to do an in depth search. I was thinking of starting to only smoke joints, but the smell and waste of weed is a killer. What I do like about joints is that they are easy to get rid of, if it came to that.
  6. Hmm ya that's a decent idea i guess you'd just have to make a judgement call at the time depending on how the cop is acting ya know?? if he seems like he doesn't really wanna search you could let them at it if you hide it good enough. Now if you get some over zealous bastard who wants to tear your car apart fight that to end.
  7. Ya i know. I was just reading about these bags called smelly proof. Any thoughts on them. Are they worth it?
  8. You said you're going to community college and then later, that you were in South Florida. Are you going to Miami-Dade? You don't have to answer that at all, or answer it publicly in the thread; I'm just curious. 
    What eye drops?
    Red eyes will get the job done for a quick fix. But if you stay hydrated, then there's a good chance your eyes won't get red in the first place. 
    Where to stash?
    At first:
    I kept my pipe, lighter, grinder in a water bottle.
    I kept my weed in an aluminum water bottle. It stays cool, dark, and air tight. That's when I wouldn't have more than half an ounce.
    I kept both of those bottles in a board game, that no one would ever use ever again, which was kept in my closet far away from reach.
    I do not recommend keeping anything in your car. Simply not worth the risk. If you don't have a place to smoke at home and want to do it in your car, just remember to break the stuff back inside.
    Now I have a Zong and a shit load of bud because I'm on my own, so I don't hide anyhow.
    What time to travel?
    When I pick up, I always do it during commuter traffic in the afternoon. Like 6 o'clock. Cops won't pull you over on bumper to bumper... I pick up in larger amounts for both a better price and because I don't like have to deal with traffic "on purpose," very often. Other times that would work in this sense is 5pm-7pm/6:30am-8am.
    Mango kush, hawaiian punch, and purple trainwreck seems to be relatively popular down here in South Florida, but names don't mean anything. The quality of each bud can be different depending on how it's grown. You just have to learn about quality from experience; usually some things to look out for are its density, possible strong odor, how crystallized it is, and possible stickiness (not wet). 
    I recommend just always having one of those glade plugins in your room. I'm a fan of the lavender/french vanilla. ;)
    Studying police patterns in your county?
    There's nothing to study. Drive normally, and you won't get pulled over. If you do get pulled over, then just act normally. They don't expect anything, and usually won't ask you serious questions if you're hiding anything during the day. You'll just get the ticket and be on your way. If you're in Miami-Dade, stay away from Pinecrest in general. Those fuckers have nothing better to do than to write traffic tickets all day; that's all they do. And they hide every where at traps.
  9. Thank you! Finally someone answering all my questions. I'm also looking for a place to smoke by my house, since my neighbors have put up cameras to catch burglars, even though it had never happened in my neighborhood. I don't like anywhere near Miami. I would like to say what county I live in, but am trying to stay away from giving out information to protect myself.

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