Im New And There Are Many Things I Need To Learn Quckly.

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  1. Hi this is my first post joining me to this wonderful community. I am graduating high-school soon to be going to community college. I want to hear of some great places to hide bud in cars and at home. I would really enjoy hearing unique places you guys have chosen. I'm trying to budget my smoking, and would like to hear what is a good amount to be spending per month. My tolerance is extremely low. I want to hear of some good Floridian strains for anxiety and OCD. I don't mind hearing that OCD is commonly misdiagnosed, because I would rather know even if it doesn't pertain to myself. Where are some good locations to grow if you have to keep it hidden? I'm trying to find some container which is air tight, but not hard. I want to know what spray kills smell the most. What eye drops work the best. What time of day is best to travel with it in a vehicle. I've been studying the police patterns in my county. I just in general like to be prepared always and be one step ahead. I would greatly appreciate a response. Thanks and happy smoking!👌
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    First thing before I even read what you said, the words "learn" and "quickly" should never be used in the same sentence. You learn something by figuring it out yourself through experience. Anything else that someone teaches you, you are memorizing.
    But now I'll try to answer your questions.
    Where are some good locations to grow if you have to keep it hidden?
    If you have to ask you shouldn't grow.
    I want to know what spray kills smell the most?
    What eye drops work the best?
    What time of day is best to travel with it in a vehicle?
    Sounds like something a cop would ask.
  3. ......I'm not a cop I just always like being prepared. I appreciate the two answers you contributed.....
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    If you see a few different color rohtos, go for the blue or green. The silver ones burn so bad they can't possibly be made for humans.
  5. mango kush will definitely fix anxiety, comes through here alot
  6. This is also true. Since I've moved to South Florida I've seen and heard about it a lot.
  7. What are rohtos? I will try to get my hands on some mango kush. What are the average prices you guys are paying?
  8. Rohtos are eye drops

  9. Ok I've never heard of those I will have to find some. It seems the prices match up with what I've been paying. Also what sativad are common in Florida?
  10. I have heard from a few people on GC as well as other people I have talked to that rohtos aren't good for your eyes. I have no solid proof or evidence so I won't front and pretend like I do but when it comes to such a precious thing like eyes I would rather be on the safe side than sorry.
    As far as growing, I would say you should maybe rethink it. With your OCD as well as having to hide the smell a lot, I just feel like you are better off not going into it, but it is your personal choice so if you wanna go for it then go for it. 
    Price around my parts (wisco) range from 40-60 for an eighth. Hiding it in your car, the trunk is usually the best option, but you should be fine assuming you aren't cruising and smoking in the car (in which case not having any bud besides the blunt/joint you are hitting is advised). Know your rights when behind the wheel or anywhere for that matter. 
    As another blade said, ozium is pretty good at covering smell. 
  11. Ok thanks I was actually just reading about the rhotos, and as much as I like the idea of white eyes I would rather not risk harming my eyes. I have been considering the growing idea. It was more of a lets see if I can do it, but with what I plan to do with my life a low profile is essential. Also I'm looking for a realitivly cheep Detox or something along those lines which I could pass a drug test with.
  12. So you are a noob smoker but you want to start a grow?
  13. keep your weed in a mason jar for smell. for plants grow deep in the woods. strain for OCD are really any heavy indica
  14. Best places to stash in a car is behind some kind of panel you can pop out. Usually in the center console or under the dash or above where the courtesy light is. If you can't do that putting it in the gas cap area or in the engine bay.
    For home you can always hide in your regular places some good ones are a old computer tower or a playstation. Anything you can turn from inconspicuous into a stash spot is good.
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    Rohtos are eye drops

    </blockquote>Shitty bro, mango is constantly availible for me at cheap. Like 10 a g or less if im buying like a few grams. I get a zip of it for 225.
  16. Don't go around asking for a certain. People will rip you off and just sell you whatever they have. My dealer normally has 2 constant buds and 1 varying bud. I pay 10/g or less. Ask if they have dro.
  17. Yeah, just forget about growing as a new smoker. Unless you have real permission at your residence, or you own your own place just don't do it. You will get caught.
    Do you smoke your car out? That matters a lot as to where you want to hide weed in the car. Does you no good to have a good hiding place, when the inside of your car smells like marijuana. You get pulled over, they will already have probable cause. If you don't smoke out your car, you have much better options for hiding places. My buddies car, the "air conditioner" panels could come off and you could throw your stash back behind there. Under the seat I suppose, though cops will always search there. If it's small amount (1 or 2 grams), I'd just keep it in your sock.
    Really, there aren't many places to hide it, where a cop won't find it with a minimal but thorough search. You will just have to use your head with what you've got available to you for hiding places.
  18. I never smoke in my car. I don't like the smell lingering. I've smoked for about 2 years off and on. I'm more into sativas than indicas.
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    Build a trap in your car only ppl who will find that are DEA or border patrol

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