Im new and high

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Misfit, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. hey whats up yall ive been smokeing for the past 5 years. in college now. im a big fan of vw's and i just wanted to say hey everyone. im pretty fuckin high right now.
  2. sounds like youll like it here :) welcome to the city! what are you studyiiiing?/ :)
  3. Computer Science. yeah im a geek smoker. i got some seedy weed but it still will fuck you up.
  4. Welcome to the City! Best place to be when you are high!
  5. Welcome to the city.. Enjoy your stay!
  6. High m8,welcome to the city.
    #So u smoke weed and sit in front of the computer,hmm a likely story.
    So ur into vdubs m8, u shud go to bugjam,santapod.
    Its fucken wiked ,loadsa green, lotsa hippies with acid and good tunes.But i guess ur in the states,oh well if u came ova here u gotta do it.
  7. yeah im stuck in the states. and cid = no good im just a fan of weed and booze.
  8. welcome to the city, i'm also very stoned.
  9. so its been 2 days since i smoked and i woke up went into the bathroom and it was hazzy and smelled soo good so i just had to go and sniff my stash for the next 30 mins knowing i cant smoke till tomorrow night.
  10. haha thats harsh... im soo bad at rashining my pot....
  11. and im still smellin it like mad. thank god for whisky and only 14 hours till i can smoke!!
  12. nice nice nice
  13. its almost time. just waitin for the call.

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