I'm MWB, nice to be here...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MWBm, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Hello I'm MWB, a reasonably new toker. I'm from Holland, but for a few years I've lived in Thailand, which is where I got baked for the first time.

    Three years ago I used to smoke up 4-5 times a day easily, in some really stupid places and times. But then I got caught, for which I'm actually happy, because i stopped for about 8 months, and since then have only smoked up about 1 day in the week. Except for special occasions of course. ;)

    I am a decent enough roller, I can roll nice ones, king size or small, but I still have trouble making the XXL ones. I can get to about a large paper and a half right. :rolleyes:

    But i made a Windmill two days ago, and a friend is coming over with a bong and four Tulips on saturday, as well as some other friends just with some big J's, so it's gonna be a good day.

    Hope that tells you enough about me. (And not too much. :p)
  2. Nice to meet you, sounds like your gonna have a bomb on saturday!
  3. Welcome to the City of Grass!:D

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