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    I got a new job and it has a really high pay at which i do not feel like going over here i hope you understand! But im freaking out! Its really unplanned, i had an interview for a good job that didnt require a drug test so i tryed for it just thinkin i wouldnt get well i ended up gettin it! I never even had a real job! Ive just worked on the farm and stuff and now im moving to the city and leaving everything i have! Im leaving my family, my dog, my girlfriend! Everything! Im just feeling kinda bummed and stuff! IDK I know life starts again and thats part of it but its not like i needed to move i had everything i wanted and everything was good where i was at so idk! What you thinkin! Im also baked so it might not be helping! But i tried for the unepcted job yesterday (Monday) and i start on Wed. Im moving tonight!:eek:
  2. Bro change can be for the better. Just relax and ride the wave through, and see where life takes you. At this point in America's time, it's really hard to find a job, so just see what happens and be thankful you have a job that has a really high pay and doesn't test. That's a smoker's dream bro! Look at the upsides of it, and don't forget that there's always a way to move back home if you can't stand it.
  3. Wow I could not imagine leaving all that..
  4. it's weird how you use an exclamation point at the end of every sentence.
  5. If there is one "thing" I would NEVER leave it would be my matter what!

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