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  1. In quality that is. I made a thread about a bong I made, 8 or 9 arm perc (i forget which) and it ripped sick. TWICE! It more or less died after that, not sure why but it sucked from then on. So a few weeks ago I made this piece and finally got around to taking pics of it. Why I'm doing this at 1 in the morning beats me but whatever.

    Here she is!





    Constructed with:
    1 sharpie
    1 bic pen
    1 Star vinegar container from walmart
    1 trumpet mouthpiece
    1/2 of a jingle bell for a sort of makeshift screen so the weed didn't fall through the mouthpiece
    Over 9000 hours of work

    YES it did break when I was drilling the hole. I was just making it wider and then BAM it broke. Luckily it was only in 2-3 pieces and I was able to keep them in position. Then I glued it with some all weather/temperature glue I got from Lowes. Got some electrical tape to seal the downstem and voila! One bong.

    Surprisingly it rips pretty good. I've only used it once because it was leaking but shit it was pretty dope. I patched all the holes and hopefully they're waterproof too. So, what does GC think?
  2. i think its pretty dope, actually has the shape of a bong.

    i wouldve only been worried about it tasting like vinegar or something hahah.

    goodjob though :bongin:
  3. It was the most bong shaped thing I could find in walmart. xD Surprisingly the vinegar washed out easily with just water and it doesn't even smell weird. I just wish that I didn't have to use that tape around the stem. They're getting better every time I try though so the next one should be pretty cool.

    Thanks man. Keep on toking. :smoking:

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