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I'm moving in a week. Is it time to give up the reefer life?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by incrededibles, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Disclaimer: this thread is not me asking you guys for hookups.

    So I realize this thread is subjective and it's all about how I feel but I still appreciate the opinions of others. I've only had one dealer (a good friend) and I'm about to move 3 hours away to Boston. I've been smoking daily for two months, partly because I've hated my environment and partly because weed feels amazing.

    I'm going to have a full time job but I know this is an expensive city and I think weed is worth it but I don't know if I'm only going to find crazy prices. I also want to cut down a bit because I'm finally getting my shit together.

    How easy is it to find a dealer in Boston and what is the best way to go about it?

    It's legal there so I'm assuming I wouldn't run into too much trouble?

    I'm a 22 year old graduate and I started smoking a year ago, does it seem like an appropriate time to be a stoner?

    If my apartment says "No smoking" would they reject my PAX 2 haha?

    Is it worth getting my green card for dispensaries?

    Anyways these are just some questions that have been on my mind. Someone told me I treat this forum like a blog once. How dare you?
  2. If its legal, get a card and go to a dispensary. Dealers wont compare or they will just get their stuff from there. The pax2 is vapor so it should be no problem.
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  3. Are dispensaries generally expensive?

    Also, I need to look up the process.
  4. Also do jobs notice or care about that shit?

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  5. Idk, do they drug test? As for dispensary prices, go onto weedmaps, search "boston" and scroll through some of the dispensaries shown. Imo, getting a medical card is always worth it.

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  6. Get your med card for 150$ and hit patriot care in boston

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  7. I would get my green card so I was legal and then you can go pick up whatever you want and smoke as you please
  8. Grab med card
    Smoke weed and quit overthinking.
    You're 22 lol 80% of people on your age group smoke weed.
    Vaping in your apartment is fine, it doesn't stink or linger, shit you can smoke inside and just open a window or make a spoof for your smoke. No big deal.
    Ask around at a job or a social setting if someone smokes.. once you do, explain you're new to the area and see if he can hook you up with their connect if you're against dispensaries.
    Also, as mentioned earlier Weedmaps displays all dispensaries and current menu items with prices and reviews.

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  9. Holy shit $150?!?! Here in California you can get it for $60 and you can get your card renewed for only $20.

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