I'm more sensitive to pain when high

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  1. Idk if anyone else gets like this, but I have day-to-day joint pains in my body mostly my knees. Whenever I smoke my brain is much more sensitive to it so I'll notice the little Pops in my bones and the way my joints lock up in place. I always assumed weed helps the pain go away but maybe not. Does anyone have any solutions to not keep myself distracted by the pain so I can enjoy the high?
  2. erry thing is enhanced by weed bro more cdb less thc will do ya good
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  3. I use indicas and hybrids for pain although there are a good amount of sativa that are good for pain as well. I need the head high to distract me and the body high to kill the pain for a few hours.
    If your in a legal state ya may wanna do some research before your next purchase. Also ya gotta think about how much the brain blocks out to protect us, it could be your just more aware of the pain now that your relaxed.
    GDP, critical mass, harliquin, Durban poison, and blueberry are a few strains I keep around for pain.
  4. What's cbd?
  5. Google works right now atm dude.
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  6. Pot doesn't ease my joint pain either. Neither does CBD.
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  7. Masturbation is the ultimate distraction :)
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  8. I know weed doesn't help me much at all if I have any sort of pain, but I've heard CBD is like magic or some shit, I've never tried it so I couldn't say. Maybe you didn't take a high enough dose? I dunno, everyone's different I guess.
  9. My wife got a large bottle of a well respected maker's CBD oil that had a relatively high level of CBD. I took some uncommonly large doses trying to notice any differences in the way it made me feel. It had absolutely no effect on me that I could feel. I mixed some with my RSO type hash oil and didn't feel any different. I'm sure for some people it works, they say it does and I have no reason to not believe them but for me, CBD was a bust.
  10. I feel like it is more the psychoactive part (THC) that helps with the pain. As in you think about the pain less.
  11. You're probably right. Before I had my knees replaced I tried really hard to notice any improvement in my pain after smoking, I'd heard people say it helped their pain so I wanted to know if it really did help or if that was another excuse for MM. I'm sure it helps some people but unfortunately it didn't help my pain. Maybe I've been smoking so long getting high isn't all that distracting anymore.
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  12. Maybe the canniboid receptors act more mentally. Like how weed can calm you down or relieve anxiety.
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    Definitely a CBD deficit there. Osteoarthritis is my biggie, so I have a little experience here. In the scientific community we call this a "testable hypothesis." I was in a hurry and missed my morning medication yesterday, so while sitting in a waiting room with arms folded across my chest trying to stay warm, I was repeatedly reminded how bad my shoulders are every goddamned time I moved. Came home in the early afternoon, had a good 3/1 dose (CBD/THC) and deliberately tested the hypothesis 2 hours later (although I wasn't cold anymore!). Pain was over 90% reduced - almost completely gone, mostly I assume to CBD's reputed anti-inflammatory effect.

    Another interesting point to mention is CBD does not work in isolation, at least not for me. If I don't want to feel high at all I'll use just my straight 20:1 strain. But the effect is not as good as if it is mixed with some added THC. Too much (1:1 or greater) and it's couch lock for me every time. It seems to take at least a little THC to have the most effect. There are probably other more subtle metabolic interactions taking place there as well in terms of a specific strain's terpene profiles, etc. but I haven't looked into that.
  14. Yes, lots of indica! And it really is all about choosing the correct strain. Smoking weed actually tends to make people more sensitive to everything. I’m more sensitive to ghosts and demons attacking me when I’m stoned. What strains are you smoking?there are strains good for pain and insomnia. They would be the heavier indica strains. On the contrary Anything sativa or sativa dominant wouldn’t do you much good. There are also those CBD topicals and all kinds of that shit you can try for your joints, I’ve never tried em myself though. Anyways hope you figure it out man!

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  15. Cannabis is really more intricate than our modern take on THC:CBD as molecular biologists haven't been able to research cannabis plants in America since 1970.

    Bubba Kush or BlackBerry Kush should definitely treat joint pain better than anti-inflammatory drugs. Take my recommendation with a gram of weed.
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    Man, it's normal when I'm high, my skin is incredibly sensitive. And this is not your body's fault, this is the usual consequence of cbd, relax and enjoy the process. And if the pain really bothers you, you can just try cbd for pain relief, which was very useful and effective for me last year, when I needed a good relaxing product. Due to the fact that my life is full of tension, I often felt uncomfortable, until I tried exactly what I described above, this medicine is the best of all that I have ever used
  17. Cannabis exacerbates my joint aches and pains but it was a godsend when going through pancreatic cancer both for pain relief and nausea relief. Early on I would get nasty stomach and back pains which were helped greatly by weed. It would change the pain that I felt to a muscular pain, like from working out or doing too many sit ups. I could wrap my head around this changed pain as it felt familiar, like that I lived knew and experienced all my life. Very much a relief. As far as nausea it blew away the prescribed rx. I was able to function and work through out chemo. 5 years after diagnosis and I am a 8% survivor and daily user! Woot woot!

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