Im more mature than my own father...

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  1. This isn't about weed, but I was hoping you guys could provide me with some guidance on an issue.
    I am living at home with my father and a month ago our relationship was great but current it's gone to shit. When I've tried talking to him he will cut me off mid sentence and just talk over me. I will patiently wait until he is done speaking even though he is the one at fault. Once he is finished talking i will calmly say "It's very disrespectful for you to cut me off while I am talking. Could you please allow me to finish what I have to say?"
    He literally shrugs it off and responds with "It's survival of the fittest." After his reply I decided to stop talking to him. After I ate the dinner he cooked, I walk away in silence. He proceeds to act like a 5 year old and say "Oh, so you don't even thank me? You're so rude." I quickly thanked him then stopped talking. This is a complete double standard and he has only recently become like this. I can't move out either. Any advice from you guys? I've tried explaining the situation from my point of view in a calm manner, but he literally doesn't give a shit. I feel like I'm dealing with somebody with mental retardation.  

  2. I hear men lose testosterone as they grow older.
    Maybe that's why?
  3. what did you do?
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    You've talked to him about it. All I can think of is try to move out, brush it off until you become indifferent or keep trying to bring it up. If he doesn't respect you then earn it.
    I feel like your avatar is calling me goy.
  5. It sounds like something might've happened between you two and he's giving you a hard time until you sit down with him and work out an apology.

    Or maybe he's got a lot of stressors or a mental issue going on. Maybe you should sit down with him and have a man-to-man talk.
  6. There's nothing I can think of that would warrant me apologizing to him. If there was he should be a man and tell me. Even with stressors or mental issues he should at least have respect. He just acts like my words are pointless and he's the fucking king of the world.  
  7. How old are you? Your father created you. He is older than you and has wisdom. Even if he's wrong.. he has been alive longer than you so his reasons for being wrong are built on a more solid foundation. 
  8. I am almost 21, very mature and well spoken for my age. The "your father created you" line doesn't mean anything. Yes he did, it was his choice to create me, not mine. There should be no reason why you talk over a person. I would understand if I was singing or talking nonsense, but I do not do that. It is about respect. 
  9. Cut him some slack man. As you said yourself, your relationship was great a month ago. So obviously something has changed in the past month to change his behavior towards you. Maybe if you sit down and have a chat with him you'll find out what.

    But, if the extent of his rudeness is talking over you and nagging you for thank-yous, I'd probably write it up as him having a bad day or a bad week. Its really nothing to get all bent out of shape over.
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    I consider myself mature and well spoken as well but let me say something that kind of rang with me. I remember saying the same shit around when I was 18, probably younger and was told what I'm about to tell you. It hurt, I was embarrassed but it stuck, humbled me and helped develop some character.
    This stood out in the title but you should never have to point out 'how mature' you are. It's kinda like, "A real man doesn't need to talk about how real he is". You're actions and the way you present yourself should be enough to reflect this, when it's self proclaimed it becomes awkward and uncanny. You have nothing to prove or validate to a bunch of people on the internet.
    Remember, you're not almost or already 21, you're only 21 (well, 20). I promise you in 6 months from now, let alone 4-5 year whenever you come back and stumble upon these posts, and you will, the internet is your unintentionally diary, you'll be embarrassed by how much you've changed and how much you thought you knew.
    Edit: That's exactly how I reacted too.
  11. I can understand a bad day or whatever, but cutting somebody off mind sentence and raising your voice so they can't talk is just petty and disrespectful.
  12. I'm simply putting it into perspective so you won't think I'm so bratty, stupid child. You don't know me so that's why I told you I'm mature. Please DO NOT compare my to your 18 year old self because: 
    1) I am not 18
    2) I am not you
    I am aware that I am going to change. This had nothing to do with me changing. The fact of the matter is: IT IS RUDE TO TALK OVER SOMEBODY THEN TELL THEM OFF. I don't give a shit what age I or anybody else is. Honestly your post has nothing to do with what I'm even talking about.  Please STAY ON TOPIC if you want to post on my thread. 
  13. If he said "it's survival of the fittest" i would've asked him if he wanted to grapple to submission. Plum clinch, side headlock, judo hip throw, armbar DONEsent from underneath my balls
  14. Vicious is right, you point out maturity levels yet you come back to your father's rudeness by giving him the silent treatment.  I haven't seen that since the 3rd grade dude.  
    Just sit down with your pops and ask him what's going on.  Tell him how you feel.
    He doesn't want to be "polite" in a conversation and wants to talk over you, simple. Talk over him
  16. Do this. Survival of the fittest. He probably thinks your a wuss.
  17. Walking away from your problems and maturity have nothing in common, get a grip guy. Seriously who comes onto a forum, asks this kind of question and then shoots down everyones responses? You know who has the best answer? YOU.
    Vicious was making a solid point and you just kind of responded rudely, hes a complete and total stranger, i'd hate to see you react to somebody you've spent most of your life with when you think they are wrong. 
    Maybe you should do exactly what your dad says because it doesnt seem like you have a solid grip on whats going on.
  18. Let's see... OP is 20, probably a smart as know it all "adult" and yet still lives with his parents. Did I miss something? You're being childish by not fixing the issue and shutting down.Move out, your relationship will get better with him then. It's amazing what some space will do for people. Or like Finger said, cut him off mid sentence until he gets the point.
  19. Yeah i think he wants you to chalenge him. He's probably trying to toughen you up. Shove a bow into his mouthsent from underneath my balls
  20. Being rude isn't going to prove anything. You won't fix his rudeness with disrespect. He needs to humble himself and be respectful and earn some respect. Simple as that.

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